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It’s a pretty sensible truth: if you want a good Italian restaurant in KL, go to one run by an Italian.Want authentic Mexican food? Find a place that’s run by a Mexican. Same for Nepalese, Japanese, or Lebanese. So when I went to a place called Bavarian Bierhaus atùe Curve last year and found that the food was merely satisfactory, I did a little checking and found that despite the name, it wasn’t run by a Bavarian.


Tantalizing Bavarian Fare

Happily, all that has changed now. Hailing from Bavaria’s capital of Munich, Germany, Dr Kurt Svrcula and his Malaysian wife Suzianna took over the inviting eatery about four months ago, and wonder of wonders, being helmed by an actual Bavarian now ensures the restaurant lives up to its name. We enjoyed German beer and a parade of absolutely tantalising Bavarian fare from this celebrated region of southern Germany that blends the culinary traditions of that country with those of neighbouring countries, none more so than Austria. Much like the Catalonian region of Spain, Bavaria has a strong and proud regional identity that, while German, is ultimately quite distinct and gives the cuisine of the area its own character, and now, Bavarian Bierhaus serves up delicious examples of this fascinating region. Of course, though the region is replete with culture and history, foodies won’t be too fussed with all that. They’ll just be savouring the mouthwatering food and beer that’s placed before them.


Pork is a Staple

Pork is a staple food product in Bavarian cooking, so we cut loose. Fried pork skins, speck und brot (deliciously crispy bacon), Grammelschmalz, a Bavarian dumpling soup with bacon and herbs, an absolutely perfect Spaetzle with bacon, mushrooms, and leeks, marinated pork belly with sauerkraut, and a staggeringly crispy Deutsche Schweinshaxen, the famous traditional German pork knuckle.

Everything we had was incredibly flavourful and satisfying. And there was much more that we simply couldn’t find room to try. If it’s Bavarian, it’s probably on the menu here: weiner schnitzel, Swiss schnitzel, Viennesestyle Hanhchen schnitzel, Fleichpflanzl, Leberkaese, a wonderful array of German, Bavarian, and ùueringen sausages, and a beef goulash that sounded incredible.


We did save a bit of room for dessert, though. We sampled the traditional Buchteln, fluffy yeast dough dumplings dusted with icing sugar and served with a warm German rum-flavoured vanilla sauce. And courtesy of visiting Chef ùomas Reichel, who was enjoying his first-ever visit to Asia while developing the new menu and training the other cooks at Bavarian Bierhaus, we enjoyed the Kaiser Schmarren, or Emperor’s Soufflé.ùe airy soufflé bread is torn up, again dusted with icing sugar, and served with a homemade strawberry mousse. A Bavarian favourite! And this is a place worth repeated visits just to work one’s way through the incredible menu. In Bavaria, the word used is Gemütlichkeit, which describes a cheerful, cosy, and carefree warmth and openness. So bring some friends, order some beers and food, and enjoy the best of Bavaria.

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