A short drive away to another part of the Damansara Heights neighbourhood, El Sid’s Bar in Medan Damansara is also managed by Geoff Siddle and his team. It is a Latin American cocktail bar popular for their cocktails (naturally), sangria, and their nachos. El Sid’s came to be about five years ago, when the regulars of Sid’s Pub wanted the same experience, but with a different concept. As Geoff explains, “The guys would come into Sid’s Pub and their wives would prefer to go somewhere else for cocktails, so they’d go off to Bangsar or somewhere like that. And so El Sid’s Bar was created to cater to that – it’s still in their comfort zone of Damansara Heights, with the same atmosphere that they enjoy, but a different al fresco concept with cocktails and tapas.”

One of the best things about El Sid’s Bar is the al fresco part of it. The space is bright and airy indoors, and there are plenty of tables outside to enjoy the good weather. A colourful, Latin American-inspired interior greets guests as they enter, and the ambience is completed with tunes of the same theme. There is an open bar where customers can sit, and the great thing about it is because it has the same safe environment, single women can have their drinks without the fear of being harassed or anything of the sort.

As with Sid’s Pub, El Sid’s Bar is very much a community-focused establishment. It’s usually filled with regulars, and the friendly staff know them by their names and their favourite drinks. In a nutshell, customers can expect the same great service and friendly staff at El Sid’s Bar as they do at Sid’s Pub, as Geoff says, “When they leave me (Sid’s Pub) to go to me (El Sid’s Bar).”

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