5 Places for Marvellous Mooncakes in KL and Selangor in 2015

1.Tao Chinese Cuisine, InterContinental Kuala Lumpur




InterContinental’s mooncakes are made to marvel at, from their elaborate packaging (check out those individual butterfly-themed boxes) to elegant craftsmanship (imprinted with the InterContinental icon & imperial lettering) to exquisite flavours (we’d recommend more than a few) that chef Lo Tion Son & his team prepare by hand daily for irreproachable freshness.

Our favourites include two terrific hand-made snow-skins: Chestnut paste with diced hawthorn & pineapple paste (RM23 per piece, RM138 per box of six), which features ravishingly mellow, tangy-earthy nuances, & the Red Prawn durian with egg cream (RM25 per piece, RM150 per box of six), which does delectable justice to the luxurious textures of the king of fruits.

We’re also admirers of the yolk-based mooncakes; it’s worth going all-out for the white lotus paste with double salted egg yolks & almonds (RM32 per piece, RM128 a box of four) – the yolks are fabulous, cured in-house for a sumptuous moistness & compelling brininess. Many customers will also enjoy the inventive dimensions of the pandan coconut egg floss paste with single salted egg yolk (RM20 apiece) & the scarlet skin with beetroot powder & pandan salted egg bean paste (RM30 apiece).

Address: InterContinental Kuala Lumpur, 165 Jalan Ampang

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2. Xin Cuisine, Concorde Hotel KL




Concorde Hotel’s mid-autumn mooncakes this year combine classic style with contemporary sleekness, offering beloved traditional varieties in an instantly memorable packaging: Cylinder-shaped jars, distinctively designed & uniquely practical.

We love the look of each jar, which comes free for each purchase of four mooncakes. It features two components: an inner translucent glass jar in a choice of purple, orange or fuchsia, plus an outer stainless steel jar holder with an intricate Oriental pattern. You can use it as a beautiful ornament or turn it into a candle holder, vase or storage container – an eye-catching showpiece & collector’s item that may endure for years, long after the mooncakes they hold have been consumed & enjoyed.

Trust Concorde’s cheerful chef Loong to ensure that all the most cherished & coveted mooncake recipes are accounted for – 11 altogether: pure lotus, pure lotus single yolk, double yolk, white pure lotus, white pure lotus single yolk, golden pandan pure lotus, golden pandan pure lotus single yolk, white lotus black sesame, Japanese red bean, assorted fruits & nuts, &snowskin with Musang King durian. Each 180-gramme, halal mooncake costs between RM24.50 to RM42 nett (the most expensive is the Musang King, while the others are all below RM30 each). Four mooncakes (which fit perfectly into one jar) typically cost between RM98 – RM168 nett, but Concorde has introduced a cost-saving offer this year: a 15 percent discount for the purchase of a single jar containing four mooncakes, 20 percent discount for 3 jars & above & 25 percent for 50 jars & above.

Address: Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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3. Grand Harbour at Mid Valley & Fahrenheit 88




With mooncake season now upon us, Grand Harbour is firmly in on the action, emphasising classic traditional flavours, expertly executed – you’ll find a dozen varieties, including a unique Sakura Chrysanthemum (RM18.80 per piece, RM75.20 a box) that’s intriguingly aromatic with floral & tea nuances, as well a delicate Snow Skin Yam Paste (RM16.80 per piece, RM67.20 a box).

Address: GE-017, Ground External Floor, Mid Valley Megamall

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4. Purple Cane (multiple branches in the Klang Valley)




Balancing classic tradition with contemporary trendiness, Purple Cane’s tea mooncakes are uniquely beautiful creations that capture the mid-autumn season’s spirit, harmoniously blending familiar mooncake flavours with subtle notes of Chinese tea.

It’s an alluring variety, with tea laced in the crust or the paste. The most distinctive mooncakes have a green tea crust, with red bean paste (RM7.60), dates paste (RM9.30), black sesame lotus (RM10.20), white lotus (RM10.20), assorted nuts (RM10.80) & salted egg yolk custard with pandan lotus (RM10.80). There’s also a purple potato crust with white tea lotus paste (RM10.20) & Cantonese crusts with black tea red bean paste (RM7.60), green tea lotus paste (RM9.30), puer tea lotus (RM9.30), jasmine tea lotus (RM9.60), rose tea bamboo charcoal lotus (RM10.20) & puer tea, dang gui & Chinese wolfberry nuts (RM11.50).

Address:  Shaw Parade, Kuala Lumpur

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5. Tai Thong (multiple branches in the Klang Valley)




Tai Thong’s mooncakes are wide-ranging, but 2015’s newbies specifically harness the power of fruits. Perky, punchy lotus variations comprise blueberry with dried fruits & assorted seeds, plus orange with palm sugar & seeds. The soothingly nectarous snow-skin collection showcases mango kiwi with dried fruits, & a textured tropical pineapple with jackfruit mochi.

Address: Jalan SS 17/2, Subang Jaya

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This article was updated on 11 September, 2015.

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