12 New Restaurants to Visit in KL & Selangor: September - October 2014

You can view a list of our most recent new restaurant features here. This is part of a monthly series.

1. DC Restaurant by Darren Chin


Keep your fingers crossed that DC Restaurant, now in the final stages of renovation, will open by the end of September. Helmed by Darren Chin, a scion of the Dave’s Deli/Bistro long-enduring brand and a proud alumnus of Le Cordon Bleu Paris, this three-level eatery in Taman Tun Dr Ismail promises “a new cuisine, unpretentious, to a certain extent raw, and which presents nature’s bounty it in its purest form.” Pumpkin puree with pine needle soil, anis foam and sago crisps, anyone?

Find: DC Restaurant’s directory page here

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2. Rendez-Vous


Fans of French spider crabs, blood sausages and quails cooked with white wine, rejoice: This casual new restaurant helmed by Arnaud Chappert and Florian Nigen seeks to serve French fare that’s both authentic and affordable.

Find: Rendez-Vous’ directory listing here

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3. The Red Herring


Looking for another tryst with French cuisine? We also bid bonsoir to The Red Herring, helmed by a Malaysian chef who has returned to her homeland after honing her craft in San Sebastian and opened this cosy little space with her Japanese sommelier partner. Try the beef bourguignon, a thick, savoury rendition brimming with succulent shin meat.

Find: The Red Herring’s directory listing here

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4. Quivo


This Pavilion newbie – part of the Kate Spade boutique – features plenty of potential. Helmed by the Valiram Group (the purveyor of TWG tea and Godiva chocolates in this mall), Quivo is a Mediterranean-influenced restaurant and bar that’s clearly pushing to become Pavilion’s pinnacle of chic.

Find: Quivo’s directory listing here

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5. RGB At The Bean Hive


RAW reincarnated: This might look like a nondescript residence in an evergreen neighbourhood, but its placidly innocent facade is deceptive.RGB is poised to become one of KL’s buzziest new cafes, run by the caffeine-passionate pioneers who previously spearheaded RAW Coffee.

Find: RGB At The Bean Hive’s directory listing here

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6. Hamasho


Charcoal stoves seize the spotlight at Hamasho, as compellingly Japanese as a grilled seafood restaurant can get in KL. Hamasho secures fresh seafood shipments five days a week, with the squid in particular receiving star treatment, brushed with a mix of sake and shoyu.

Find: Hamasho’s directory listing here

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7. Kissburger


From saba fish burgers to rice burgers bursting with kinpira-cooked root veggies, Kissburger serves Japanese-influenced creations that might breathe fresh life into the Klang Valley’s burger-eating experience. Don’t miss the tempura-style brinjal ‘fries’ here.

Find: Kissburger’s directory listing here

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8. J&P Magic House


Call it magic, call it true: J&P Magic House levitated straight into KL this month, anxious to awe audiences with daily Italian dinners and Japanese-orchestrated shows that might raise eyebrows over whether a man truly can vanish into thin air.

Find: J&P Magic House directory listing here

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9. Kilo Grill


Petai ice cream? That’s merely one of the many highlights of this ambitious new eatery – run by a team of Malaysians, French and Pakistanis – that defies easy categorisation, serving a continent-hopping, barbecue-focused selection that cascades from Argentine sea prawns to Spanish Iberico meat, Irish oysters and John Ross Jr Scottish smoked salmon to Korean sea eel.

Find: Kilo Grill’s directory listing here

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10. Hyde At 53M


Introducing the Klang Valley’s next speakeasy-style bar that’s set to be a smash hit, hidden in an entirely unexpected location – Damansara Utama.

Find: Hyde At 53M directory listing here

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11. Acme South


Flame on! Acme South, a Southern American BBQ restaurant that’s a spin-off of Acme bar & Coffee, has blazed open in Bangsar, unleashing everything from Texan beef briskets to Louisianan po’ boys, hush puppies and cheese grits. The South has risen again, absolutely.

Find: Acme South’s directory listing here

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12. Tiffin’s by Chef Korn


Erawan enthusiasts, rejoice: The revered Thai restaurant has embarked on its first spin-off – a casual soul-food cafe with a pork-heavy repertoire of Chef Korn Yodsuk’s cherished family recipes that evoke memories of his childhood.

Find: Tiffin’s by Chef Korn directory listing here

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