Taking flight in Cheras, Wings N Boar is represented by a mascot of a feathered hog that illustrates the specialities of this cheerful cafe – chicken, pork and other meaty temptations, showcased in styles that take cues from as far-flung as Louisiana and Hawaii.

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Of course, you’ll find chicken wings here (RM16 for six), spicily slicked in habanero sauce. Fans of fowl might also aim for the selection of American soul food – the hearty, heavily seasoned Chicken and Waffle (RM26) or the even heftier Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, a New Orleans-inspired stew with plenty of protein and rice swimming in gravy (RM 22).

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Pork is the other cornerstone of the menu, with the Worcestershire Pork Chop (RM29) and the Sausage and Mash (RM 24) both offered in portions that vindicate their prices. There’s one beef bowl that merits mentioning – the loco moco, not often seen in KL, a fairly tasty take on the Hawaiian meal of rice topped with a burger patty and fried egg (RM22).

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Lunch sets include complimentary coffee and tea – naturally, we couldn’t resist the pun-loving Pigcolo Latte, the most charmingly named beverage we’ve spotted this month.


Location & Details

Address: No. 5-G, Jalan Tengah, Cheras Selatan 118, Cheras, Selangor.
Hours: 11.30am to 10pm, closed on Tuesdays.
Find: View directory for Wings N Boar here.

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