WhiskyPLUS Aiming to be Malaysia’s Biggest and Best Whisky Event Ever!

WhiskyPLUS 2018 is shaping up to be the biggest whisky and spirits tasting event in Malaysia! With over 35 brands confirmed already, representing some of the world’s most popular whisky brands as well as some lesser-known gems, guests will have a terrific time introducing their palates to a wide range of spirits from around the world.

Whether you’re a serious whisky connoisseur, a casual aficionado, or a total newbie looking to expand your whisky horizons, WhiskyPLUS is the event for you! Join us on Saturday, 28 July 2018 for Kuala Lumpur’s premier whisky and spirits tasting event and take your enjoyment and appreciation for the whiskies of the world to the next level.

You can expect a terrific experience with unlimited tastings of whiskies and spirits and a special selection of chef-curated light food to complement your tasting experience, along with fun and funky pop-up cocktail bars and perhaps even some bartending demos. We’ll even throw in a commemorative Glencairn-style whisky tasting glass that’s yours to keep.

In addition to the dozens of different labels you’ll find to sample in the main tasting hall, WhiskyPLUSwill also have a dedicated VIP Premier Tasting Room exclusively for VIP pass holders. Here, a selection of premium whiskies will be available for sampling – whiskies that are older, pricier, and a bit more special than the standard range offered by brands. VIP pass holders will also get a great goodie bag including magazines, F&B vouchers good at the Hilton KL’s many restaurants, and cash vouchers for The Whisky Bar in Changkat Bukit Bintang.

A terrific Cigar Room and Terrace will also be featured, where aficionados can peruse a wide range of hand-rolled cigars, talk to experts from Cigar Journal magazine and Trinidad Cigars, and even attend mini-masterclasses to learn more about these coveted handcrafted beauties.

Finally, all attendees will have the outstanding opportunity to purchase tokens to sample a range of truly exquisite, high-end whiskies at the WhiskyPLUS Collector’s Corner. Here, a gathering of independent bottlings, limited editions, and other old, rare, or hard-to-find whiskies will be made available for by-the-dram purchase.

WhiskyPLUS will comprise two separate tasting sessions over a full day at the upscale, centrally located Hilton Kuala Lumpur. Session 1 will be held from 12pm to 4pm, while Session 2 will run from 5pm to 10pm.

We hope you’ll join us for this fantastic event. To ensure a quality experience for everyone, WhiskyPLUS is capacity controlled, so tickets are limited. Scroll down to read some FAQs and get the details on how you can reserve your place at WhiskyPLUS!

Location & Details

Address: Hilton Kuala Lumpur, 3, Jalan Stesen Sentral, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Date: Saturday, 28 July 2018
Hours: Session 1 – 12pm to 4pm, Session 2 – 5pm to 10pm.
Tel: +603-20949664 or +603-20969790


What is WhiskyPLUS all about? What’s the PLUS?

WhiskyPLUS is KL’s premier whisky and spirits show. Our aim is to spread the love and appreciation for quality whisky and other spirits by allowing guests to sample and taste a wide range at a single, special event. WhiskyPLUS is held in a five-star venue, and we limit the number of passes sold to ensure guests have a great experience without feeling jam-packed at every turn! The PLUS refers to a few non-whisky offerings, specially chosen to allow boutique bottlers and craft distillers of other spirits to showcase their handiwork to enthusiasts like you! Currently, we have over 30 brands of whiskies and spirits confirmed, and more are coming on board. Our website has an updated list of all the brands and partners participating in the event.

Why are you having two sessions?

In order to allow more people to enjoy WhiskyPLUS, we chose to split a full day into two different sessions with fewer passes available for each session, rather than just having one long session with more passes. Not only does this help ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable experience, it also lets guests choose the time that best suits them.

For those who perhaps want to be introduced to whiskies or enjoy a casual yet comprehensive tasting session by day, our 12pm to 4pm session is ideal. This session is slightly shorter and priced lower. The evening session, on the other hand, will run from 5pm to 10pm and may offer a slightly wider selection, but apart from the extra hour, the sessions will be the same. There will be fewer passes available for the afternoon session than for the evening session, so if you want the benefit of not only a lower entry cost but a slightly less crowded session, you may wish to consider attending Session One. There’s also the possibility of a slightly wider range of spirits being available at the first session, as some exhibitor stocks are more limited than others.

What is the VIP Premier Tasting Room?

This is a special room only for guests holding the Black VIP pass. Here, you’ll be able to sample from a range of older, less common, and generally more premium whiskies. There are quite a number of treats you’ll find in the VIP room! The number of VIP passes available is very limited.

What about the Collector’s Corner? How is that different from the VIP room?

While the VIP Premier Tasting Room is open exclusively to guests holding the VIP pass, the Collector’s Corner is available to all guests at WhiskyPLUS, and offers an uncommon chance to sample some truly special, rare, and even one-of-a-kind whiskies, purchased by the dram at special event prices. Here you’ll find limited editions, special releases, independent bottlings, and more. If you’re a real connoisseur, you’ll want to pick up a Collector’s Corner menu and see what’s on offer. But don’t delay – for some, there’s just one bottle, so when it’s gone… it’s gone!

Can I buy bottles of whisky or other spirits at WhiskyPLUS?

Yes! Though not every whisky offered for sampling can be purchased, a wide range of them will be made available for take-home purchase at the event at special promotional prices. We do ask that guests not open their purchased bottles at the event, however.

What are the pop-up bars?

WhiskyPLUS is working with partners to showcase a couple of KL’s latest and greatest specialized cocktail bars featuring some of the city’s top mixologists. For a limited time during each session, these skilled ‘baristas of the bar’ will be serving up some of their signature cocktail creations. Your pass purchase will entitle you to one cocktail token, redeemable at any of the pop-up bars (two tokens for VIP passes), and additional cocktail tokens can be purchased, if desired.

How much is it?

Passes range from RM142 to RM298, depending on which session and whether you want a standard or VIP pass. If you want to come with your buddies, four-packs (standard tickets only) are available at a discounted price. WhiskyPLUS has also extended a special discounted price to Dram Full Malaysia members; visit their page for details.

To learn more about WhiskyPLUS and reserve your place at KL’s Premier Whisky and Spirits Tasting Event, visit our website at www.whiskyplus.my.

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