Beautiful layer cakes, painstakingly baked & freshly delivered to your doorstep? Now possible in KL, courtesy of Micheele, an Indonesian food lover who has lived in Malaysia for nearly 15 years & is studying hospitality management at Taylor’s University.

Micheele, who’s enjoyed baking since childhood, has taken a step toward entrepreneurship by starting Vanity Kitchen, an online business that focuses on Indonesian desserts, particularly “lapis legit,” a heritage recipe that harkens to the traditions Micheele learned from her mom, who credits Micheele’s grandmother for handing down that culinary knowledge through the generations.

1 Vanity Kitchen

‘Original’ Samples

Micheele’s layer cakes can come in the ‘original’ preparation, boasting a bit more than 20 layers, or for a special touch, be enhanced with prunes. Thanks to Micheele for presenting us with these samples.

See & for ordering instructions. Home & office delivery is possible for the KL city centre & Ampang.

2 Vanity Kitchen

Layer Cakes

Her full-sized layer cakes, which weigh two kilograms & measure 22 centimetres by 22 centimetres, cost RM160 for the originals & RM170 for the prune versions.

3 Vanity Kitchen

4 Vanity Kitchen

Steamed Brownies

Steamed brownies, a familiar favourite in Indonesia’s city of Bandung, are also available for purchase (each kilogram costs RM65). Micheele says these contain less butter & sugar compared to baked brownies, but they still remain moist & creamy.

5 Vanity Kitchen

Coffee or Tea at The Food Store

These treats go well with coffee or tea; we might try smuggling them to, say, The Food Store at DoubleTree by Hilton …

6 Vanity Kitchen

… where the latte tastes better than expected, rich & robust enough to satisfy.

7 Vanity Kitchen

Location Details and Website

Vanity Kitchen by Micheele Teo

Kuala Lumpur

View Vanity Kitchen’s directory page here.

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