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Too many porky temptations to wax lyrical about here, but rest assured that Trattoria il Porcellino’s fare remains supremely hearty and tasty.


Try the house-made potato gnocchi, adorned with pork bacon and green peas in a creamy sauce. Trattoria Il Porcellino_2

Classic pork carbonara. Trattoria’s kindest trait: its willingness to offer pasta in both regular and small servings; this cost RM14 before taxes for a light-eater’s portion.Trattoria Il Porcellino_3

Ravioli stuffed with minced pork and spinach in tomato sauce.Trattoria Il Porcellino_4

 Rigatoni in pork bolognese sauce.Trattoria Il Porcellino_5

Pappardelle with minced pork sausage and mushrooms in a cream sauce (RM15).Trattoria Il Porcellino_6

Spaghetti with prawns and spicy pork meatballs in tomato sauce.Trattoria Il Porcellino_7


 A fine roast: Roasted pork ribs with roasted potatoes.Trattoria Il Porcellino_8

Sauteed pork tenderloin with capsicum, cherry tomatoes and mashed carrots. Comfort food.Trattoria Il Porcellino_9

This might not look alluring, but it’s amazing: pork belly, crispy-skinned and succulent-fleshed, with cheese-crusted scallop.Trattoria Il Porcellino_10

Costoletta alla Milanese (RM21), deep-fried breaded pork chop with French fries.Trattoria Il Porcellino_11

Trattoria’s Italian-style interpretation of a pork burger, with a house-made pork patty, mozzarella, onions and mushroom in ciabatta bread, served with chunky fries (RM27).Trattoria Il Porcellino_12

Less satisfying

A sandwich of baguette stuffed with Parma ham & buffalo mozzarella (RM31).Trattoria Il Porcellino_13

So not everything here’s a total hit: the spaghetti amatriciana, with bacon, tomato sauce and pecorino cheese, is OK but its rather wan flavors might pale against its peers.Trattoria Il Porcellino_14

Skip the knuckle, maybe; when we tried it, it bore an overly porky, off-putting stench.Trattoria Il Porcellino_15

Some nondescript salad to counter the sinfulness of this porky spread, though that veggie virtue itself is countered by the side serving of bread, cheese and chili, supplied for stomach-stuffing.Trattoria Il Porcellino_16


Trattoria sells cocktails for drink-in and takeaway. Try the South American ones, like Cuba Libres, Margaritas, Caipirinhas and so on.Trattoria Il Porcellino_17

Location Details:

Trattoria il Porcellino,

Menara Hap Seng, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.

Find Trattoria il Porcellino’s directory listing here.

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