Buen provecho! There’s cause for celebration whenever a Spanish restaurant opens in KL, especially one that does justice to the tasty traditions of tapas, paella, cheese and wine.

1. Tinto


At Tinto, patrons should start with a plate of tenderly cooked potatoes topped with a runny egg and intensely savoury ham (RM28), a profoundly pleasurable patchwork to send our palates to paradise and back. Keep hamming it up with the best of the butchery, a sumptuous chorizo platter that showcases the compelling flavours and textures of top-flight chorizo iberico bellota, salchichon bellota, lomo embuchado, and wild boar salchichon (RM68).

2. Tinto

3. Tinto

Seafood and sides

Seafood is capably tackled; the grilled octopus succeeds with a fleshy succulence (RM65), while the squid stuffed with minced pork conveys its own kind of meaty juiciness (RM33). The classic potato omelette pulls off an irreproachable balance of potato and egg (RM16), and tri-coloured capsicums with blue cheese (RM15) and marinated olives (RM12) perform well in supporting roles.

4. Tinto

5. Tinto

6. Tinto

7. Tinto

8. Tinto


Tinto’s paella proves worthwhile too, prepared with chorizo, seafood and bell peppers, with a potent, stick-in-your-mouth flavour, the moistness of the rice underpinned by an accomplished socarrat, the lovely caramelised crust at the bottom (RM68).

9. Tinto

Cheese platter

Save space for the cheese platter, a solid Spanish selection of firm varieties with pronounced characters, including Manchego Viejo, Manchego Gran Valle, Picos Blue Valdeon and Murcia al Vino (RM48).

10. Tinto


Our satisfaction extends to the Sangria (RM90 per jug), a good gin and tonic made with quality components (RM20) and a pleasantly robust red wine picked from Tinto’s cellar (RM150).

11. Tinto

13. Tinto

14. Tinto

15. Tinto

16. Tinto

Location & Details

Tinto by Romanee Petrus

38-1, First Floor, Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.

Mon-Sat, 4pm-12am.

Tel: +603-2857-4808

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