The Cow & Chicken at Desa Sri Hartamas: Restaurant review

The Cow & Chicken succinctly delivers what its name suggests, concentrating on a shortlist of steaks and rotisserie chicken.

1. The Cow & Chicken 2. The Cow & Chicken

Triumphant fowl

In this back-to-the-basics battle between bovine and fowl, the latter triumphs here – the roast chicken is enjoyable from the first bite to the final chew, from the irresistibly crisp skin to the irreproachably juicy flesh, blanketed with flavour. RM24 for a quarter, RM38 for half, and RM62 for the whole chicken.

6. The Cow & Chicken

All mains come with bread rolls (fab – fresh, warm and supremely fluffy), frites (passable), a side salad andchoice of bearnaise, chimichurri, Cafe de Paris butter, beef jus, chicken jus, or peppercorn sauce.

4. The Cow & Chicken 5. The Cow & Chicken

Sadly though, the steaks proved a miss for us – the Black Angus rib-eye (RM88 for 350 grammes) was gristly and executed in a manner that left us feeling like we were eating fried beef strips instead of a full-blown luscious steak.

7. The Cow & Chicken 8. The Cow & Chicken

The grass-fed filet mignon (RM72 for 250 grammes) fared even worse, with a mushy mouthfeel and flatness of flavour.

9. The Cow & Chicken10. The Cow & Chicken

Liquor lovers, never fear: The Cow & Chicken’s cardamom-infused apple cider and Valrhona hot chocolate with marshmallows can be optionally spiked with white wine and rum respectively.

11. The Cow & Chicken

Or simply fall back on the wine selection, offered by glass and bottle.

12. The Cow & Chicken 13. The Cow & Chicken 14. The Cow & Chicken 15. The Cow & Chicken

Location & Details

The Cow & Chicken

28-G Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.

Currently open for dinner, except Mondays.

Tel: +603-2303-5740

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    Jacqueline Garrelts Judith Winn Jessica Gunneson worth visiting perhaps

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    Ho Yee Ning…looks good

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    New makan place in hartamas KKeng Leong

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    Geeta Ramchandani

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