Avenue K’s sprawling new food court is well worth visiting, with a dizzying diversity of dishes that represent street fare from Singapore and the Klang Valley. Comfy, clean and contemporary-looking, Taste Enclave is a tempting lunch and dinnertime alternative for city-center workers fed up with the too-safe, sterile choices at Suria KLCC; this might be the best thing that’s happened to Avenue K.

It’d take more than one or two visits to sample Taste Enclave’s full selection, spanning Singapore’s well-known Jalan Kayu Prata to KL’s respected Heun Kee claypot rice from Pudu.

Chicken Rice

For starters, check out Singapore’s Mandarin Chicken Rice …Taste Enclave_4

… boasting moist, fresh and flavorsome grains, warmly paired with silky-juicy poultry.Taste Enclave_5

Deep-fried Pork

Mr Porky deep-fried streaky pork (RM18.90), crisply coated with oatmeal and achingly addictive in its sumptuous succulence. Love, love, love.

 Taste Enclave_6

Roast Meats

Can’t have a non-halal food court without roast pork and duck, right?

Taste Enclave_7


Tong’s Roast serves a satisfactory plate of meaty herbal duck with noodles (RM10.90).

Taste Enclave_8

Shunning meat?

Try Hong Kee Vegetarian, where “char siew” proves a caramelized pleasure.

Taste Enclave_9BBQ

Direct from Singapore’s Orchard Road: the Vietnamese-owned Y Thu Wendy, where specialties include “bun thit nuong,” BBQ meat with cold vermicelli and herbs. And yes, all these recipes hail from their original outlets.

Taste Enclave_10

Spoilt for Choice

So many more stalls, whipping up everything from Hokkien mee to beef tripe noodles …

Taste Enclave_11

Offerings from Mainland China

… Kepong yong tau foo to mainland-Chinese hot-pot servings of cuttlefish and crab sticks.

Taste Enclave_12

Tea and Coffee

Iced coffee and tea; Taste Enclave also serves beer but no wine for now. There’s expected to be another Taste Enclave at Damansara Jaya by next year.

Taste Enclave_13

Avenue K’s Restaurants

The food court also contains four restaurants: Xi Qing Seafood Restaurant (think chili crabs, fried prawns and steamed fish head) and Grandeur Teppanyaki …

Taste Enclave_14

Coming Soon

… plus the soon-to-open Swedish bakery-cafe Svea (meatballs!) and Japanese outlet Omoya, reputedly featuring an Osaka-native chef.

Taste Enclave_15

Not inside Taste Enclave or affiliated with the food court, but notable for being on the same floor: Tad’s Rockin’ Hot Dogs (also found at Mid Valley), a 1901 spin-off that includes fun recipes like Negaraku Weenie, with a serunding-topped sausage.

Taste Enclave_16Taste Enclave_17

Location Details:

Taste Enclave,

Food Atrium, Level Two, Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

Find Taste Enclave’s directory listing here.

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