Still a notch above many of the Klang Valley’s other Thai & Indochinese restaurants, thanks to a fantastic setting & a food selection that are both one-of-a-kind.

1 Tamarind Springs

14 Tamarind Springs

15 Tamarind Springs


Spicy duck salad, an amuse bouche that might succeed as a succulent main course.

2 Tamarind Springs

Khmer salad, thinly sliced cured beef with lime dressing; this luscious Cambodian carpaccio boasts enticingly zesty flavors, brilliant for whetting the appetite.

3 Tamarind Springs

Laotian Chicken Curry with Wild Bananas

Illustrating the restaurant’s keen use of interesting ingredients to transform its recipes into something less ordinary.

4 Tamarind Springs

Andaman Tuna with Wild Ginger Sauce

Is this Cambodian? Laotian? Vietnamese? We couldn’t tell (though we’d probably rule out Vietnamese).

5 Tamarind Springs

Vietnamese Duck Egg Omelet with Eggplant

Maybe there was a psychological effect, but this seemed creamier than a regular chicken egg omelet.

6 Tamarind Springs

Laotian Coconut Milk Soup of Watermelon & Seafood

A less fiery version of tom yam soup, but with the bonus of crunchy, subtly sweet watermelon.

7 Tamarind Springs

Khmer stir-fried Pumpkins with Prawns

As sumptuous as it sounds.

8 Tamarind Springs


Dragon fruit with rum & raisin ice cream, for a refreshing, chilled-out finish.

9 Tamarind Springs

Pan-fried bananas with coconut milk & sesame seeds. Quintessentially Asian.

10 Tamarind Springs


Cocktails: Ballistic Basil Martini (gin, fresh basil, apple juice, ginger syrup) & Pandan Pina Colada (bacardi rum, pandan syrup, coconut milk, pineapple juice).

11 Tamarind Springs

Dessert cocktails: Black Forest (vodka, xeres vinegar, dark cacao, cherry, morello, baileys) & Apricot Cider (bourbon, apple cider vinegar reduction, cinnamon, apricot compote, mint syrup).

12 Tamarind Springs

Wine is available by the glass, carafe & bottle, but prices can be prohibitive.

13 Tamarind Springs

Location Details

Tamarind Springs,

Taman TAR, Ampang.

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