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¡Yo Quiero Taco Bell! An American Fast Food Icon Comes to Malaysia

At long last, Malaysians will finally be able to make a "run for the border" at the latest American fast food

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Uncle Don's at SS2 Petaling Jaya: Restaurant review

Uncle Don's has become a fast favourite in PJ for its people-pleasing fare - our best bets here are all about the hog

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Huckleberry After Dark at Plaza Damansara: Restaurant review

For those of us whose appetites rise when the sun sets, Huckleberry After Dark is a beacon of light that could become a sleeper hit

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Thyme Out at SS15 Subang: Snapshot

This is now Subang's go-to spot for a Tex-Mex meal filled with savoury flavours

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Lou Shang Bar and Cafe at Damansara Uptown: Restaurant Review

Husband-&-wife team Manfred & Ai Peng presented their much-anticipated first-born to the world this week - a casual first-floor cocktail bar that hums with humour & heart, fulfilling Manfred's yearning to run his own watering hole ever since he tended bar during his varsity years in Sydney.

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BRYCG New Orleans Cuisine at Ampang: Restaurant Review

Get comfy at this outlet on the upper level of Ampang's Greenhouse by Muir complex & brace for a belly-busting meal that'll begin with complimentary beignets (fried pastries - crisp, puffy and hollow - with powdered sugar).

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8 Places for Mexican Food in KL and Selangor

Mexican cuisine – as well as Tex-Mex fare – has enjoyed a wave of increasing popularity in Malaysia in recent years. Here are some destinations where customers can feast on everything from tasty tacos to tempting tamales.

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Retro Club at Heritage Row: Restaurant Review

Retro Club's name, ambiance and food all seem at odds with each other, but this Heritage Row newbie serves

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