This cake truck is irresistible to kids and adults alike, luring flocks of customers with freshly baked temptations like the Devil’s Food Cake (RM13 per slice; chocolate ganache layered with Kinder Bueno, Maltesers and salted caramel), .Nutella Red Velvet (RM12) amd Caramel Latte (RM16; white chocolate cake with vanilla latte Swiss meringue buttercream, Toblerone pieces, pretzels and popcorn).

Ideal for folks who like their cakes moist and fudgy, smooth and sweet, Sundaydo – which operates five times a week, 830pm-1130pm – seeks to make each night feel like a weekend worth celebrating.

Location & Details

Address: BHP Station, Taman Melawati.
Hours: Open 830pm-1130pm (closed Fridays and Sundays).
Tel: +6017-244-6674
Find: View directory for Sundaydo Truck here.

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  1. Azzahra Shah March 25, 2017 Subscriber

    Shakira Mobarak Shama Newaz Zaman

  2. Nordiyana Abdul Manan March 23, 2017 Subscriber

    Ahmad Bastian Ahmad Fuad Rabeah Bt Abdul Karim Sul Ya Na

  3. Wendy Lean March 23, 2017 Subscriber

    My god Sandra Teh

    • Sandra Teh March 23, 2017 Subscriber

      I see kinder bueno and I get sad 🙁 I’m allergic to nuts

    • Wendy Lean March 23, 2017 Subscriber

      Oh ya hor 🙁

      It’s okay it’s not healthy anyway don’t eat it

    • Sandra Teh March 23, 2017 Subscriber

      … ya. Bad bad bad

  4. Farina Mohamed March 23, 2017 Subscriber

    Shaniza Shafie Mazuin Abdul Mutalib

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