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The Roof, billed as a major new dining and entertainment hub, is now open, bidding to live up to sky-high expectations from its perch on nearly the 30th floor of Bandar Utama’s First Avenue.  It’s five outlets in one location: The main restaurant is Signature, a spacious setup brought to us by the folks behind Damansara Heights’ now-closed The Hill.The Roof_2

Incredible Views

The best seats in the house? The ones by the window, of course. The Roof_3

The benefit of visiting on an evening when The Roof isn’t publicly open? Having everything to ourselves, without needing to confront crowds. The downside, naturally, is that the kitchen and bar were closed too. The Roof_4


The most popular place at The Roof will likely be Stratosphere, essentially what its press releases say it is: a bar on a grassy helipad with an unfettered 360-degree view of suburban Petaling Jaya and its surroundings. The Roof_5

Here’s that exceptionally rare snapshot of Stratosphere when it’s blissfully peaceful … The Roof_6

… without the presence of a single soul here. A uniquely special treat indeed. The Roof_7

Remarkable opportunity to contemplate the hills and the homes that dominate the panorama. The Roof_8

No roof to call its own: Stratosphere’s at the mercy of the elements. Rainy evenings, begone! The Roof_9

As far as PJ goes, Stratosphere is a one-of-a-kind hangout; let’s hope it does everything right. The Roof_10

Malt & Leaf and SCORE

Other outlets at The Roof comprise the single-malt and cigar lounge Malt & Leaf, sports bar Score and clubbing venue Play.

The Roof_11

Business Hours

Current business hours for The Roof. Note it’ll be closed Nov. 5.The Roof_12 The Roof_13 The Roof_14 The Roof_15 The Roof_16The Roof_17

Location and Contact Details:

The Roof
First Avenue, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya
The First Avenue building is accessible from second-floor center-court walkway of the 1 Utama mall. Take the elevator from the lobby level of First Avenue.

Phone numbers:

Signature by The Hill – 016-229-1505

Find Signature by The Hill’s directory listing here.

Stratosphere – 012-6910628

Find Stratosphere‘s directory listing here.

PLAY – 013-270-3111 / 019-220-7111

Find PLAY’s directory listing here.

Malt & Leaf – 017-908-5766

Find Malt & Leaf’s directory listing here

SCORE – 012-691-0628

Find SCORE ‘s directory listing here.