Omakase by appointment: This new venue offers dinners of dishes picked and prepared by a resident Japanese chef, available on advance reservations only.

1. Shu-Ra Bar-min

Consult the outlet on your budget and preferences; a meal of RM350++ per person should spring pleasurable seasonal surprises (shirako with abalone liver and noresore with ponzu sauce perhaps, flown in from Tsukiji), taking patrons on a full voyage through formal Japanese cuisine.2. Shu-Ra Bar-min

3.Shu-Ra Bar-min

4. Shu-Ra Bar-min

5. Shu-Ra Bar-min

6. Shu-Ra Bar-min

7. Shu-Ra Bar-min

8. Shu-Ra Bar-min

9. Shu-Ra Bar-min

10. Shu-Ra Bar-min

11. Shu-Ra Bar-min

Shu-Ra’s setting is simple, shining the spotlight purely on the food.

12. Shu-Ra Bar-min

13. Shu-Ra Bar-min

Location & Details

Address: E-0-10 & 1-10, Plaza Damas, Above Hartamas Shopping Centre, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-6206-2990
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    Next dinner venue Alex

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