Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu at Evolve Concept Mall, Ara Damansara: Restaurant Review

The Klang Valley’s first restaurant that specialises in authentic ‘tendon’ (tempura donburi) is now open, serving bowl after bowl of steamed rice heaped with battered seafood & vegetables, showered with a light soy dressing. Prepared to order by Japanese cooks who have been under the tutelage of Tokyo-based chef Tanahira Akimitsu, this is soul food at its heartiest.

1. Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu 2. Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu 3. Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu 4. Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu 5. Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu 6. Tempura Donburi

Chef’s Special & Super Deluxe

Basic bowls of piping-hot tendon start at RM28; if you can go all-out, check out the Chef’s Special (RM64) & Super Deluxe (RM58), both loaded with varying mixes of freshly deep-fried tempura that range from conger eel, large prawns, squid, oysters, & whiting fish to beni shoga pickled ginger, okra, shiitake mushrooms, eggplant & pumpkin, served with miso soup & cabbage.

7. Tempura Donburi 8. Tempura Donburi 9. Tempura Donburi 10. Tempura Donburi 11. Tempura Donburi

Delicious? Yep – we wolfed down everything with ease. Tendon Akimitsu’s location at Ara Damansara’s new Evolve Concept Mall might be unfamiliar territory for many customers, but we hope this will herald the rise of more tendon outlets in Malaysia.

12. Tempura Donburi 13. Tempura Donburi 14. Tempura Donburi 15. Tempura Donburi 16. Tempura Donburi 17. Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu 18. Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu 19. Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu

Location & Details

Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu

Ground Floor, Evolve Concept Mall, Jalan PJU 1A/4, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

FInd: View Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu’s directory here.

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