Shell Out_1

Going crustacean-crazy at this new seafood restaurant, where customers won’t have to shell out too much cash to savor an ocean’s bounty. Nautical ornamentation of fishing nets, lifebuoys and shellfish-themed wall artwork ensure that even landlubbers know what to expect. Forget about feasting on fowl here. Shell Out_2

Aussie Crayfish

Aussie crayfish steals the spotlight; it’s well worth getting our hands dirty to scrape out every sweetly moist morsel of meat. RM42.90+ per 500 grams.Shell Out_3

Sensational Sauces

Shell Out’s sauces include Cajun Sensation, Lemon Pepper & Garlic Butter. Levels of spiciness range from Mild to Medium to OMG.Shell Out_4

Happy as a Clam

Shell Out’s opening promo makes us happy as a clam: Get 300 grams of mollusks free for every 500 grams of crayfish ordered. Offer valid through June 16. Shell Out_5

Meaty Crab

Meaty crabs, RM7.50++ per 100 grams, about RM20 per crab. Shell Out’s forte is fantastic freshness; much of its seafood is kept live here, as far as possible.Shell Out_6

Plump Prawns

Prawns, RM26.90++ for 300 grams. Caution: Customers who must nitpick might pounce on the flavorful sauces, which threaten to prove overpowering sometimes.Shell Out_7

Battered Baskets

Battered baskets are available too, showcasing steaming-hot, crispy-juicy shrimp, shishamo & calamari with fries, roughly RM10++ each.Shell Out_8

The Aftermath

In the aftermath, the carnage is absolute: No crayfish survives to tell the tale.Shell Out_9

Denise’s Wine Shop

Shell Out will charge corkage eventually but not for now. Denise Wine Shop is 100 meters away on a nearby road.Shell Out_10 Shell Out_11Shell Out_12

Location and Contact Details:

Shell Out,

16-1, Jalan PJU 5/15, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara.

Tel: 03-6140-2855

Open for dinner daily.

Find Shell Out’s directory listing here.

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