Salad Earth at AEON MaxValu Prime, Sunway Velocity Mall: Salad bar review

This review is brought to you in part by Salad Earth. 

For shoppers at Sunway Velocity Mall, here’s a surprising gastronomic gem to uncover: Tucked inside the AEON MaxValu Prime premium supermarket, the in-store salad bar is a discreet destination of delights, run by the Salad Earth brand (which also operates a similar set-up in SOGO KL Supermarket).

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All things salad

You’ll find more than salads here: Salad Earth takes pride in hot & cold recipes that make for a complete, balanced & wholesome meal, thoughtfully created with well-sourced, good-quality produce. The selection is diverse & delicious, spanning chicken with olives & herbs, McCormick miso-infused chicken (succulent & robust-tasting), San Remo tom yum pasta, HP gumbo fish fillets, Hokto Maitake mushroom-scrambled eggs, McCormick Italian herb-grilled zucchini & eggplant, McCormick paprika potato & egg, Lea & Perrins caper sauce roasted potatoes, San Remo orange & ginger vegeroni, stir-fried Hokto mushrooms with wakame, Marmite shredded chicken with mixed greens, & more.

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Mix & match your favourite ingredients to construct a lunch, dinner or anytime-snack of your choice. We sampled a few bites of everything, which proved satisfying from start to conclusion – fresh & capably prepared, yielding successful flavours & textures.

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The purchase process is simple & straightforward: After you’ve put together your meal, AEON’s staff will hygienically seal the package for you & weigh it (the cost is a reasonable RM3.39 per 100 grams), convenient for taking back home or to the office.

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The Salad Earth kiosk also offers sandwiches in flavours like grilled paprika chicken, hot tuna & egg potato mayo. Many thanks to Salad Earth for having us here.

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Location & Details

Address: AEON MaxValu Prime, Sunway Velocity Mall, Kuala Lumpur.
Find: View directory for Salad Earth here.

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