Wonders never cease: Wondermama has opened a new outpost named ‘Wondermama X’ in Avenue K this week, bringing its inimitable infusion of East-West flourishes into Kuala Lumpur’s city centre.

1 Wondermama X

Wondermama X looks distinctively different compared to Wondermama’s original outlet in Bangsar Village; this branch seems more slickly lighted & sleekly outfitted with a polished flair. A well-crafted match for the heavily hyped rejuvenation of Avenue K.

2 Wondermama X

Tinted glass shutters supply both a deftly designed window into the kitchen & a colourfully nostalgic component that completely & compellingly complements Wondermama X’s concept. From floor to wall & ceiling, it seems constructed for the Instagram era.

3 Wondermama X


Comfort food prevails here; WM’s beloved ‘salad’ of cubed potatoes, fried chicken, tomatoes & veggies would work well even as a main course. RM17 before taxes.

4 Wondermama X

Nasi Lemak

Similar to Wondermama, Wondermama X is serious about its nasi lemak; expect all the variations here of moist, satisfyingly fragrant rice partnered not only with the perfect accompaniments of sambal petai udang, kangkung, peanuts, hard-boiled egg & ikan bilis, but also options like soft-shell crab, salmon, or chicken karaage, deep-fried the Japanese way.

5 Wondermama X

Aglio Olio

WM-style aglio olio, a lovely illustration of Wondermama’s cross-continental cuisine, with fried chicken, squid, dried shrimp, chilli flakes, daun kesum, garlic & olive oil.

6 Wondermama X


Piece of cake: Chocolate & cempedak, a collaboration that’s surprisingly successful, sure to be a crowd-pleasing recipe.

7 Wondermama X


Green tea with organic soy, a nutritious partnership that might placate our city’s increasingly figure-obsessed office workers.

8  Wondermama X


Wondermama X’s menu is nevertheless a teeny-weeny bit less extensive compared to what’s offered at the Bangsar branch …

9 Wondermama X

… which exclusively serves several extra scrumptious specialities such as this creamy kangkung baked in foil, backed up by a one-of-a-kind mix of ikan bilis & beef bacon …

10 Wondermama X

… plus the now-renowned mini naan pizzas, crowned with the likes of otak-otak, red goji beans, cheese, boiled eggs & leaves (not available so far at Avenue K’s Wondermama X).

11 Wondermama X

Location Details

Wondermama X @ Avenue K

Ground Floor, Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

View Wondermama X’s directory page here.

12 Wondermama X 13 Wondermama X 14 Wondermama X 15 Wondermama X

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