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Craving carbs? Pretzel Power to the rescue! California-based chain Wetzel’s Pretzels has opened its first Malaysian outpost in Sunway Pyramid, promising doughy delights that taste fresh and hot from the oven.Wetzel Pretzel_2

Pretzels Galore

A different kind of pretzel for every type of taste bud, from plain salted/unsalted ones that start from RM3 to premium varieties enriched with garlic butter, sour cream and onion, cheese, pepperoni, cinnamon, chocolate or almonds (up to RM5 per pretzel). Wetzel Pretzel_3

These flavoursome pretzels are the soft-baked sort but they still supply a pleasant chew, substantial but not strenuous. Hearty enough to be filling meals, not simply a snack. Our only possible complaint: they’re pretty oily.Wetzel Pretzel_4

Sure, these are entirely empty calories of the fast-food variety, but they sure put the pleasure in ‘guilty pleasure.’

Also fun to try: Wetzel Bitz, convenient RM5 bags of bite-sized pieces of pretzel.Wetzel Pretzel_5

We have to confess to also liking the Wetzel Cheese Dog (RM9), a thick-and-long beef frankfurter wrapped in cheesy-crusty pretzel dough. A trillion calories consumed in 10 minutes.Wetzel Pretzel_6Wetzel Pretzel_7

Location Details:

Wetzel’s Pretzels Malaysia
LG2, Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya. Near McDonald’s, near skating rink.

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