In 2014’s most miraculous F&B coincidence so far, an invitingly distinctive cafe opened this week on the street of Taman Bukit Desa: The Soda Factory, where the offerings seem both thoughtfully & playfully conceptualised; launched by the folks behind The Tapping Tapir sodas & The Potong artisan popsicles. Nice work, folks.

1 The Soda Factory

2 The Soda Factory

Sourdough Pizzas

Check out the delicious sourdough pizzas; the best bet is copiously crowned with spinach, an egg, olives, garlic, tomato sauce & parmesan cheese for only RM15. It’s a terrific representation of how a pizza should taste, with toppings that complement each other beautifully & a crisply smoky, fresh-tasting base that strikes that not-too-thick, not-too-thin balance.

3 The Soda Factory

Sourdough Waffles

The Soda Factory’s sourdough waffles might prove polarising though; we like how they’re discernibly dense in the vein of the Liege variation, but some patrons might prefer fluffier waffles. Enjoy with Nutella sauce, strawberries & vanilla ice cream (RM15); even though both the pizzas & waffles could be calorie bombs, they somehow feel light enough to be low-guilt pleasures.

4 The Soda Factory


Floats are fun here; customers can mix & match sparkling soda flavours with a variety of ice cream. Our combo: Lemonade & lengkuas with a scoop of pistachio ice cream (RM9). No worries, not too sugary in the least.

5 The Soda Factory

(Former) President Bartlet’s beloved beverage _ egg cream (RM9) _ is also available here: Freshly mixed milk, soda water & maple syrup work together to form the ideal beat-the-heat refreshment.

6 The Soda Factory

Final Thoughts

Expect to hear a happy amount about The Soda Factory in the weeks to come; it will inexorably attract curious cats & eager beavers throughout this inaugural quarter of 2014.

7 The Soda Factory

Location and Contact Details

The Soda Factory

15, Jalan Bukit Desa 5, Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur.

Same row as Sanuki Udon. Seems to currently open only on weekends, 11am-10pm, but will surely change that later. Call 016-682-2221 to confirm.

View The Soda Factory’s directory page here.

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