Some new spots have sprung up this month for white-collar workers looking for lunchtime fare that’ll keep them alive & awake for several more hours. We’ll start our afternoon break with a stop at Simply Green, the latest salad bar to launch in the city centre.

1 Simply Green

1. Simply Green

Simply Green is a friendly little eatery in Fraser Place where salads are customised according to the patron’s preference & assembled to order. Not an original idea, but it functions fine: Select a base, pick toppings from a long list of possibilities, then choose a dressing. Voila; your personal creation should be ready in 10 minutes.

2 Simply Green


We opted for the largest salad (RM23.90), comprising one base (baby spinach), six ‘mains’ (garbanzo beans, roasted pumpkin, grapefruit segments, seaweed, barley & hard-boiled omega egg), two ‘supplements’ (avocado & Swiss cheese), one ‘prime’ (chicken yakitori ) & one dressing (green tea vinaigrette _ taking Simply Green’s name to heart & going as green as possible).

3 Simply Green

Customized Salads

The result: Pretty reasonable. Most of the components tasted fresh enough; the meat was a little greasier than expected, but this lots-of-leaves lunch is still the ideal counterpoint to a crispy-fried-chicken binge.

4 Simply Green

Surprisingly hearty; it’s a hefty bowl, as filling as a plate of pasta. Simply Green’s generous with its ingredients, making the price worthwhile. Smaller salads start at RM14.90, but even those come with one base, a full five mains, a supplement & a dressing.

5 Simply Green

It’d be fun to build a completely different salad next time. Maybe with a base of brown rice, plus toppings of black beans, broccoli, beetroot, edamame, jalapenos, raisins, cashew nuts, blue cheese, grilled tikka fish & lime herb mayonnaise.

6 Simply Green

Final Thoughts on Simply Green

Now that there are two salad bars within a one-kilometre radius of each other, it looks possible that a few more might open in the months ahead; let the salad wars begin!

7 Simply Green

Location and Operating Hours of Simply Green

8 Simply Green

Simply Green Salad

Ground Floor, Fraser Place, Jalan Perak, Kuala Lumpur. Same building as Mediteca

Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm

View Simply Green’s directory page here.

2. The Fix

Wholesome lunch, done & dusted. But before heading back to the cubicle, coffee’s essential; that’s where The Fix comes in.

1 The Fix

The Fix also opened this week, but at another office hub: The Gardens South Tower, home to IGB Corp. & the Joey Yap Conference Centre. Similar to Simply Green, it’s a Monday-through-Friday-only outlet, spearheaded by three friends promising to provide top-flight coffee in a speedy takeaway service.

2 The Fix


The blend’s currently an easy-to-drink Sumatran-Brazilian (probably Papa Palheta’s Throwback?), according to co-owner Alan, who’s paying close attention to customer feedback; he indicates The Fix is considering some potentially more robust offerings.

3 The Fix


Dainty cheesecakes & brownies are now available, with sandwiches possibly in the pipeline. Loyalty cards are ready though.

4 The Fix

Location and Operating Hours of The Fix

5 The Fix

The Fix Coffee

Lobby, The Gardens South Tower, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur

Mon-Fri, 8am-430pm

View The Fix’s directory page here.

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