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Wrapping up 2013 with an exploration of Pyramid Secret, which we visited once this year and subsequently sought to return to, but it seems to be closed for now; let’s hope this mysterious restaurant springs back to life in 2014.

Pyramid Secret is/was run by several Egyptian friends who came to Malaysia in search of opportunities; this was one of the few eateries in a high-profile location like Solaris Dutamas where customers could feast on true-blue Egyptian fare.Pyramid Secret Egyptian Food_2

Kushari’s the highlight here, a moreish medley of macaroni and spaghetti topped with chickpeas, chicken liver, lentils, fried onions, garlic juice and house-made tomato sauce.Pyramid Secret Egyptian Food_3

Filling and fulfilling, comfort food to the max. Four can share a serving that costs under RM30.Pyramid Secret Egyptian Food_4

Also intriguing: Mulukhiyah, a somewhat slimy but healthy-tasting broth …Pyramid Secret Egyptian Food_5

… made with the leaves of the Corchorus veggie and mixed with chicken. Below RM20.Pyramid Secret Egyptian Food_6

Pyramid Secret’s team was friendly, serving us complimentary desserts even though the two of us were stuffed on what we ordered. The food was exotic to our taste buds and seemed well-priced; we really hope this restaurant will be reincarnated someday, in Solaris Dutamas or elsewhere.Pyramid Secret Egyptian Food_7 Pyramid Secret Egyptian Food_8

Location Details:

Pyramid Secret
A2-G1-1, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur
(No directory listing for now, but stay tuned to see if Pyramid re-appears in 2014!)
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