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Nyonya specialities steal the spotlight at this newbie on Asian Heritage Row, but before we examine the menu, let’s explore the mystery: Is Limapulo linked to Mesui’s Limablas? It’s possible that a split involving the founders of Limablas sparked Limapulo’s creation, but there’s more to the tale than what the folks here were willing to say to us.

Nyonya Cuisine

Limapulo’s menu shares certain similarities with Lima Blas’ (after all, no Nyonya restaurant should forgo staples like cincalok, ayam pongteh & sotong petai), but the disadvantage here is that Limapulo isn’t as colourfully atmospheric, lacking the nostalgic intricacy that has helped make Lima Blas a hit.Baba Can Cook_2

Still, there are some interesting creations here worth trying at reasonable prices, ranging from mangga patchree (a sweet-sour poached mango curry with turmeric, RM2 per piece) … Baba Can Cook_3

 … to a hearty platter of sambal telur (RM12) with bean curd, cucumber and tempeh.Baba Can Cook_4

With tamarind chicken (RM14), sambal timun with chicken liver and gizzard, rojak nyonya, ikan masak kuah lada, chap chye, pai tee, kangkung masak keledek and bendi kukus rounding out the rest of Limapulo’s competently prepared selection, there’s enough to order for a complete lunch or dinner.Baba Can Cook_5


Sago Gula Melaka, cendol, peanut cream, ABC and pulut hitam with longan are on the menu, though some items might sometimes be unavailable.Baba Can Cook_6Baba Can Cook_7Location and Contact Details:

Limapulo: Baba Can Cook
26, Jalan Doraisamy, Kuala Lumpur
Lunch & dinner, Mon-Sat.
Tel: 03-2689-3268

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