A new era has emerged for La Casa: After six years at Desa Park City, the respected restaurant recently moved to Solaris Dutamas following a severe rent increase, with another branch expected to be launched nearby in Mont Kiara within two months.

1 La Casa

Brunch Menu

La Casa occupies a strategic position in front of Publika’s outdoor square; its menu is extensive, but we’ll begin our exploration with the brunch menu, bursting with distinctive temptations, such as a single-pan serving of olive-laced duck pate, beef sausage (can be substituted with chicken), fried eggs, roasted potatoes and cherry tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms and toast. RM25++.

2 La Casa

Here’s what makes La Casa worth recommending: The restaurant painstakingly makes its own pate, sausages and even bread (focaccia, croissants, baguettes, brioches and more) at its Bandar Manjalara central kitchen. The result is fresh-tasting food with honest and reasonably robust flavours, heartily executed by a team that takes its cooking seriously.

3 La Casa

We’d eagerly wake up early for the chunky duck pate alone, but there’s some more surprising components in La Casa’s 14-item brunch selection: Fluffy, pesto-tinged gnocchi (constructed with U.S. potatoes), pretty much as satisfactory as any we’d find in KL’s full-fledged Italian eateries, partnered with savoury sausages that supply a rather rustic bite, a rocket salad, plus La Casa’s pleasurably runny rendition of eggs en cocotte. RM26++

4 La Casa

Yearning for baked eggs? Not a problem: La Casa serves a chicken-and-egg version, with soft yolks and hot, melted cheese blanketing a layer beneath of Mexican-inspired pulled chicken and baked beans. RM20++.

5 La Casa

La Casa’s spicy-tangy, broth-like interpretation of beef hash typically comes with fried eggs (RM22++), though if the kitchen isn’t too busy, poached could be possible. The rest of the brunch menu (available 10am through at least 2pm) comprises the likes of waffles & pancakes; pizza, pasta & a wealth of main courses including oxtail stew & duck confit are available during other hours.

6 La Casa


Have a sweet tooth? Indulgences galore, from macarons to lemon tarts, line the front showcase, all baked by La Casa’s team.

7 La Casa

Extremely few cafes in KL offer the Mont Blanc dessert of pureed chestnuts & whipped cream. La Casa is one.

8 La Casa

Sesame Noir (RM13++), a memorable creation, with sesame sponge, white chocolate mousse, milk chocolate ganache & black sesame cream, plus a framboisier (RM13++) that’s well-measured in taste and texture.

9 La Casa


Coffee enthusiasts have a compelling reason to check out La Casa: This cafe is one of only several (the others include WA Cafe) that obtain beans exclusively roasted by Japanese maestro Kato San. A Central American theme prevails for this blend.

10 La Casa

Affogato? Absolutely. Especially since even the vanilla ice cream is made at La Casa.

11 La Casa

Thinking of tea? Try The Natural Tea Company’s fragrant lavender flavour (or apricot peach, or raspberry razzle).

12 La Casa

Wondering about wine? That’ll be available soon (beer already is).

13 La Casa

Many thanks to the team at La Casa for hosting this lunch.

14 La Casa

Location and Contact Details

La Casa

A4-G2-7, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur

Tues-Fri, 11am-10pm; Sat-Sun, 10am-10pm.

Tel: 03-6211-8875

View La Casa’s directory page here.

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