It’s inevitable: Boat-noodle mania is spreading. Kuay Tiew Reua opened over the weekend at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, seeking to offer more of Bangkok’s riverside specialities that have become such a smash hit this year in the Klang Valley.


Full-Blown Porcine Version

The hook here is that Kuay Tiew Reua serves the full-blown porcine version, with blood-thickened broth & optional crackling, prepared by the Thai wife of the outlet’s owner, with some ingredients, condiments & sauces brought in from the Land of Smiles.


Noodles Come With Soup or Completely Dry (You Pick)

Customers can order the noodles with some soup or completely dry (we recommend the former; request as much broth as possible, since the water level can be erratic). Variations comprise glass noodles, kuey teow & mee hoon, RM1.90 per bowl.


Pork Balls and Meat as Toppings

Toppings of pork meat & balls prove tender & fresh-tasting, while the noodles combine pleasantly with mildly savoury soup (which won’t, however, display revelatory dimensions of depth & complexity). With fine-tuning, this could be even more delicious.


Boat Noodles

The servings are more substantial than expected for boat noodles. Four or five bowls should suffice for a filling lunch.


Thai-Produced Crispy Pork Rind

Buy a whole bag of Thai-produced crispy pork rind to lend lots of crunch to the noodles, turning the meal into a guilty pleasure.


Is it Better than the Beef-Specialising Pioneer in Empire Damansara?

Kuay Tiew Reua’s bowls, fish sauce & some wall ornaments are also of the made-in-Thailand variety. Note: Some folks will unfortunately demand to know whether Kuay Tiew Reua is better than the Empire Damansara beef-specialising pioneer; our key response is that they’re different enough to not have to suffer comparisons & that both will have their respective fans.


Likely to Become A Success in the Weeks Ahead

With the novelty value still relatively high, it seems fairly likely that Kuay Tiew Reua will become a peak-hour, crowded-tables success in the weeks ahead, potentially spurring more boat-noodle eateries to keep launching in KL & Selangor. Be prepared though: Parking can be problematic during the daytime on this Kuchai Maju street.




Location and Contact Details

Kuay Tiew Reua Boat Noodles

No. 40-G Jalan Kuchai Maju 9, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012 907 3399

Find: Kuay Tiew Reua Boat Noodles directory page here.

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