Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like this coral-coloured new cafe, proudly run by magazine-editor-turned-baker Eugene Ng & former banker (now banoffee pie princess) Angela Tan.

1 The Humble Pie Co

The Humble Pie Co first sprang to life as an online pastry-&-cake shop; this Saturday, it’ll be formally reincarnated in the form of an artisanal dessert store. We invaded the shop for a sneak attack this week, & while the signature banoffee pie wasn’t in stock (Eugene insists on using the best bananas, not always available), we tasted enough to mark this venue as one to clearly watch.

2 The Humble Pie Co


May 9 Update: The Humble Pie has started whipping up its banoffee & durian-toffee pies!

The Humble Pie plans to also serve strawberry pies & dufee pies (an exclusively-in-Malaysia take on the banoffee pie, with durians purchased from nearby SS2).

3 The Humble Pie Co

Banoffee Pie

The 3.5-inch banoffee pie, worth every sen of its RM13 price, with chunks of nicely ripe bananas, bought fresh from the market, doused in toffee sauce, dressed up in vanilla whipped cream & dusted with coffee powder.

4 The Humble Pie Co

Customers can also opt for a seven-inch cake (RM70), bursting with big slices of banana.

5 The Humble Pie Co

Dufee Pie

We also love the Dufee (Durian-Toffee) pie (RM15 for a 3.5-inch, RM88 for a seven-inch).

6 The Humble Pie Co

These babies are built atop a buttery-salty-crunchy crust that complements its creamy toppings perfectly.

7 The Humble Pie Co


‘The Humblest Cheesecake’ (RM10.50+) showcases Eugene’s & Angela’s philosophy that ‘simplicity can be perfection.’ Beautifully baked & pleasurably pure (without a crust), soft to the fork & not cloying in the slightest. A sure-fire hit.

8 The Humble Pie Co

Carrot cake with mascarpone topping (RM11), tangy with more than a hint of oranges.

9 The Humble Pie Co

Chicken Liver Pate

Eugene is still experimenting with a savoury selection, but we’re fans of his chicken liver pate, smooth & buttery, expertly balanced in flavour, paired with kitchen-produced onion jam. Will potentially be served with secret-recipe bread that Eugene learned to make while travelling abroad.

10 The Humble Pie Co


The Humble Pie Co also makes its own pesto, to be eaten with toast …

11 The Humble Pie Co

… or with pasta supplied by an independent Malaysian business (hi, Belinda!).

12 The Humble Pie Co


This is not a third-wave coffee bar, but it still tries to keep its drinks distinctive, with illy’s chilled latte freddo (RM11) …

13 The Humble Pie Co

… Earl Grey & chocolate …

14 The Humble Pie Co

… & passion fruit tea with parsley.

15 The Humble Pie Co

Final Thoughts on The Humble Pie Co

Carefully executed comfort food ranging from roast chicken to lasagna is in the pipeline; The Humble Pie promises to makes each recipe more memorable than the norm.

The Humble Pie Co officially opens Saturday, May 10 (10am-10pm); expect to hear more about this place & its people in the weeks ahead.

16 The Humble Pie Co

Location and Contact Details

The Humble Pie Co

11, Jalan 17/45, Section 17, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Same row as Kanna Curry House

Tues-Fri, 1130am-10pm; Sat-Sun, 11am-1030pm.

Tel: 03-7932-1793

View The Humble Pie Co’s directory page here.

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