Two thoughtfully crafted new cafes have burst into the suburban spotlight this weekend, both worth hunting out on a leisurely Sunday afternoon: Doors, the handiwork of Joavnne & Cody at Overseas Union Garden & Map’s, helmed by Mark & Pris at Bandar Sunway. Read the review for Map’s here.


Coffee, Art and Music

Doors, which marks the maiden sighting of a contemporary coffee bar in the OUG neighbourhood (expect another, a new branch of Butter + Beans, to follow nearby within weeks). Doors Kuala Lumpur is linked (through family ties) to Doors Music + Tapas in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, though this outpost will focus on coffee, art & music.


El Salvador & Colombian Beans

The coffee factor’s self-explanatory (Doors’ house blend, the result of weeks of experimentation, currently comprises El Salvador & Colombian beans; filter coffee will be available later). The art might allude to murals conceived by local talents, while music by Malaysian indie acts can eventually be enjoyed at a ‘headphone’ counter that’ll be set up here.


Sticky-Toffee Smoothie

Doors is still a work in progress; the kitchen will only start serving hot food next month, so most customers will have to settle for beverages such as this sticky-toffee smoothie for now (refreshing enough for a scorching Saturday). But it’s a hideout with plenty of promise & positive vibes (Joavnne is very friendly).


Matcha Azuki Cheesecake

Home-baked cakes are nonetheless available; we recommend the matcha azuki cheesecake (RM10), a creamy slice with finely balanced flavours of green tea & red bean.


Location and Contact Details


Doors Cafe

51, Jalan Hujan, Overseas Union Garden

View Doors Cafe’s directory page here.

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