If Solaris Dutamas is ever hit by floods, it might be awash in torrents of coffee, not rainwater, thanks to the overflowing number of java joints opening here.

1 Coffee Societe

Of course, an outlet like Coffee Societe won’t be caught trafficking solely in caffeine; what pairs better with a cappuccino after all than cakes? Certainly not Chinese cabbage. Nevertheless, the focus here is on the coffee; what else would we expect from a place where the managing director’s business card lists his title as “Coffee Lover.”


2 Coffee Societe

Coffee Societe’s dark chocolate & red velvet slices, sourced from the proprietor’s baking buddy, won’t revolutionize the industry, but every bite of these creamy cakes is still worth nibbling.

3 Coffee Societe


Try the macarons too. Ordinarily, we’re not fans of fruity flavors, but the lychee & tangerine ones here are something special, with (SPOILER ALERT!) tiny bits of preserved pulp embedded in the ganache for a chewy surprise.

4 Coffee Societe


Cafe latte & iced hazelnut chocolate. Not bad, but we’ve really sipped too much coffee recently. Time to step away from the barista, put the latte down & kick it over to the police officer.

5 Coffee Societe


Coffee Societe’s savories sound a little uninspired (spaghetti bolognese, sausages & lamb chops), which offers us the opportunity to return to The Red Beanbag, also at Solaris Dutamas.
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6 Coffee Societe

Don Scallopino

The Red Beanbag has conjured creative names for its recipes. This seaweed risotto _ an Asian-flavored rice platter, wet with gravy & topped with seared scallops, prawns & clams _ is called “Don Scallopino,” a moniker that tickles the Godfather fan in us.

7 Coffee Societe


“Skyscraper” _ not made of glass, not made of paper. Perhaps the fluffiest pancakes in KL now (we counted six or seven in this stack), boosted with bananas, strawberries & maple syrup.

8 Coffee Societe

The Red Beanbag

Was “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” taken? The Red Beanbag’s fizzy thirst quenchers include Yellow Submarine (fresh lemonade) & Ob-la-di Ob-la-da (soda, cucumber juice, mint).

9 Coffee Societe

10 Coffee Societe

Location and Contact Details

CoffeeSociete @ Solaris Dutamas,

D4-G3-3A, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-6211-5523

View Coffee Societe’s directory page here.

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