Plenty of potential here at Bofe, which opened this week near PJ’s SS2, helmed primarily by a three-man team, including experienced chef Tony Fu. Bofe’s baffling name is actually an acronym for “Best of Everything,” a promise that it’s eager to fulfil. Bofe looks beautiful, suffused with soothing colours & lighting that were clearly born of careful thought & effort. It’s likely to become a popular hangout in the weeks ahead; luckily, it seems spacious & comfortable enough to cater to possible crowds. For now, Bofe opens 11am-10pm everyday, with speakers that blast a Top 40 playlist (One Direction to OneRepublic) & a kitchen that serves a full menu from morning through nightfall; that’s a strenuously punishing schedule that should eventually ease though. Bofe’s selection is eclectic & enterprising, bolstered by lower-than-expected prices.

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Watermelon Gazpacho

The well-executed watermelon gazpacho, a fruity interpretation of the chilled soup classic that’s subtly infused with herbs & citrus juices, costs RM6.90.

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Crab Canapes

Crab canapes with a dash of vodka (don’t expect a full-blown taste of the liquor), cushioned by crackers. The crustacean meat is luscious & lavish, making this worth the RM12 price tag (even if we’re not fans of the crackers).

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Roast Duck Burritos

Another enjoyable appetiser: Roast duck burritos (RM8.90), stuffed with meat that’s tender & tasty. For fellow fans of our favourite feathered creature, Bofe also serves mains of cinnamon-tinged duck leg with orange plum sauce & duck ragu penne.

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Apple Salad

An East-West coupling blossoms in this apple salad (not wholly a Waldorf), with what the menu calls a Nyonya kerabu twist. Pleasant, though the flavours could stand to pop more powerfully. Still, for RM6.90, we shouldn’t whine.

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Creamy guacamole, combined with capsicum-&-cheese quesadillas (RM8.90), suitable for mindless munching.

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Chicken Soba with Salad Dressing

Paprika-grilled chicken with soba, salad & sesame dressing. A chef’s recommendation; could benefit from something extra to take it to the next level (many recipes here could use more nuance & complexity), but again, definitely defensible for RM8.90.

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Braised Beef

Mains range from the easy-to-eat Provencal-inspired braised beef (served with potato wedges, RM25) …

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Sea Bass Fillet

… to the moist (too moist? maybe) pan-fried sea bass fillet with cilantro butter sauce & pilaf-influenced rice. RM18.90.

11 Bofe Eatery


Pick your poison. As with too many of PJ’s cafes, nothing stronger than the above is available.

12 Bofe Eatery

Final Thoughts on Bofe Eatery

Ultimately, Bofe is a likeable place run by people who seem genuinely nice. Its food could still be tweaked, but we appreciate its ambition & sense of adventure, so we’re happy to wish the folks here well.

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Welcome … First We Eat, Then We Do Everything. (Ha!) P.S. Parking’s a breeze outside Bofe.

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Location and Contact Details

Bofe Eatery

16, Jalan 19/36, Section 19, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-7932-2397

View Bofe Eatery’s directory page here.

15 Bofe Eatery

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