Bangkok’s ‘boat noodles’ have sailed into Damansara Perdana, stirring up a sweet-&-spicy storm for fans of Thai fare.

1 Boat Noodle


Boat Noodle _ which isn’t officially open but has been hosting test sessions _ plays it somewhat safe by sticking to the beef & chicken versions of its namesake, shunning porcine blood & crackling for resolutely bovine & fowl broths. But even without pork, these little bowls still pack plenty of nuance, with undercurrents of a savoury-sour tang. The broth relies on beef bones or chicken stock, depending on which one customers order. The flavours so far seem pleasant instead of punchy, but what we tasted here might not exactly be what this outlet serves when it launches, likely next month; the kitchen is still tinkering with the recipes, so Boat Noodle should prove unsinkable by March. 2 Boat Noodle 3 Boat NoodleCustomers are advised to order three bowls per person for a fairly filling meal. Each bowl here will likely clock in at RM1.90, more than what they cost near Victory Monument, but calculative customers should appreciate being able to save on airfare to the Land of Smiles. 4 Boat Noodle


Chilled pandan-coconut desserts that could pass off for Nyonya puddings, served in small bowls as well, constitute the ideal wrap-up to a meal here. Absolutely addictive. 5 Boat Noodle

Final Thoughts on Boat Noodle

Boat Noodle is a friendly place that harbours no pretensions of striving to satisfy patrons with anything but freshly assembled soul food; this place could float close to the top of eateries to check out once it opens. Our one request: Add offal to the noodles here. We love our liver, we’ll be thankful for tendons & tripe. 6 Boat Noodle 7 Boat Noodle

8 Boat Noodle

Location Details

Boat Noodle G3A, Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana

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