Ante Kitchen & Bar is upping the pork quotient at Solaris Dutamas, supplying a viable alternative to The BIG Group’s S.Wine for hog-hungry patrons. Run by a team of twentysomethings with heart, passion and plenty of smiles, Ante is the spot for spending a relaxed evening; three hours flew by effortlessly here.

1 Ante Kitchen & Bar Oct 16

Pork Ribs

Ante’s caveman-worthy pork ribs might rank among KL’s most succulent, charcoal-grilled with hickory chips for a lick-your-lips flavor that’ll stick to your fingers for hours. No fewer than three should share this RM70+ portion.

2 Ante Kitchen & Bar Oct 16 3 Ante Kitchen & Bar Oct 16

Pork Burgers

Pork burger (RM25+), featuring a beautifully seasoned patty that’s partnered perfectly with a sweet-salty wheat bun. Fans of flavorsome burgers, this one’s for you.

4 Ante Kitchen & Bar Oct 16

Volcanic Sacrifice

Our favorite so far: “Volcanic Sacrifice” (RM29+), a slab of sliced pork that tastes as juicily savory as steak, with a molehill of mashed potatoes overflowing with spicy-meaty “lava” sauce.

5 Ante Kitchen & Bar Oct 16

Pork Chorizo Pizza

But not everything here’s a bona fide hit. We’d skip the pork chorizo pizza (RM25+), which functions fine as a cheese-loaded bar snack but leaves little impression.

6 Ante Kitchen & Bar Oct 16

Angry Piglets

“Angry Piglets” (RM24+), spicy sausages with crispy bacon.

7 Ante Kitchen & Bar Oct 16

Final Thoughts on Ante Kitchen and Bar

Ante isn’t serving wine yet, so bring your own. Corkage might not be charged this week.

8 Ante Kitchen & Bar Oct 16

What’ll tempt us to return: Ante’s soon-to-be-unveiled brunch menu, with sinful sensations like Eggs Benedict with back bacon, “Eggs in a Basket” with grilled bacon, plus buttermilk toast with _ you guessed it _ more bacon. Currently open only for dinner, with lunch likely to commence by next week.

Location Details

Ante Kitchen & Bar,

A2-G1-09, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.

Not exactly in Publika. Same row as Pappa Rich, facing the main road.

View Ante Kitchen & Bar’s directory page here.

9 Ante Kitchen & Bar Oct 16

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