Red Clementine at MKH Boulevard, Kajang: Snapshot

Kajang’s new culinary darling is not this town’s typical cafe – both the setting and the food are decked out in contemporary flourishes, so even though the menu comprises merely brief descriptions like ‘slow-roasted chicken’ (RM27.50) or ‘chicken confit’ (RM35), what emerges looks far more inventively ambitious and visually alluring; even the carrot and sweet potato accompaniments have undergone elaborate transformations. The appeal is not only cosmetic; the chicken tastes good.

Red Clementine’s chef is Vietnamese-born, and he pays tribute to his heritage with the dressing for the Alexandre 1620 tuna salad (RM 22). The selection isn’t extensive, but you can have a complete meal culminating in a dessert of French toast with mango coulis (RM20) or sticky date cake (RM11). If you’re fortunate, Red Clementine’s Malaysian founder might present you with a complimentary gift of a clementine, her favourite fruit, which also makes its presence known in the Clementito mocktail.

Location & Details

Address:  3A & 5, MKH Boulevard, Kajang.
Hours: Open Thurs-Tues, 10am-8pm.
Tel: +603-8740-8935
Find: View directory for Red Clementine here.

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