Pot & Kettle’s claim to fame might be its ties to pop singer & Celebrity Masterchef Malaysia winner Fazley Yaakob, a charismatic culinarian who curates elaborately experimental recipes with hit-or-miss results.



That Garlic Kick

We’re garlic enthusiasts, so it’s easy to endorse Pot & Kettle’s pizzas, which each emerge with an entire bulb of fleshy-fragrant cloves, complementing thin-crust treats topped with beef, prawns or even scrambled eggs, costing between RM24 & RM30. Note: Our visit here was several months back; the menu was still in flux, so not everything we tried might still be available now.




Airy Beignets

It’s not often that we see beignets in the Klang Valley, so these seemed potentially worth ordering. More delicately airy than dense, which not everyone might enjoy – they collapse with a bite into hollowness. Accompanied by butterscotch sauce. RM10.


Triple-Cooked French Fries

Pot & Kettle boils, freezes, then fries its triple-cooked French fries – a tad too greasy on the outside & mushy inside. A bit bland too, though that’s rectified through another triple-threat theme: Dips of garlic sour cream, paprika sour cream & honey mustard.



Dodol with Macarons

Dodol topped with macarons – Malay-French fusion. Alas, the dodol proved rubbery while the macarons were hard & chewy.


More Fusions

Cakes also boast a distinctive touch – Brazilian chocolate ganache layered with Japanese green tea paste, adorned with Hawaiian papaya & Philippine mango slices. But the sum of the parts tastes like a regular chocolate cake with preserved fruits.



Lavazza Coffee

Lavazza coffee – not exactly Empire Damansara’s ideal option for caffeine; many other coffee specialists occupy this complex.




Location and Contact Details:

Pot & Kettle Cafe

G-18, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana

Open Tuesday-Sunday

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