Hoping to hog the limelight for PJ’s food-hunters, The Porki Society is poised to officially open on Wednesday this week, spearheaded by four friends – Alex, Tee, Desmond & LC – who describe their new restaurant as an ‘extraordinary Thai kitchen.’


Cutely Crafted Outlet

Thanks to the Porki team for this invitation to preview their nicely named, cutely crafted outlet; the focus is on boat noodles, with a view toward maintaining authenticity – Alex’s girlfriend is Thai, & her family has long been involved in the F&B business.


Authentic Boat Noodles

Most patrons know what to expect of boat noodles by now: Small bowls that cost RM1.80 each – choose rice noodles or the thinner vermicelli – served here in light, sweet-savoury broth tinged with pork blood.


Flavoursome Accompaniments

We like the accompaniments in each serving – crisply enjoyable pork lard, tender balls & liver help enhance the experience. Drizzle some fish sauce & chilli over these to make ’em more flavoursome.


Dry noodles are also available. Our preference: Opt for rice noodles for the soupy version & vermicelli for the dry one. Five bowls should suffice for a satisfactory lunch, though it’s certain that some customers can easily eat more than 10 servings.


Thai Street Snacks

The hook though is that The Porki Society serves more than boat noodles, offering other porky street snacks too, all at reasonable prices below RM5. If you enjoy the meat or balls in the boat noodles, you can order entire carb-free bowls of them.


‘Moo ping’ BBQ pork seems worthwhile, with a fairly juicy balance of flesh & fat on each smoky-grilled skewer.


Sun-dried, crispy-fried ‘moo tod’ pork would work well for beer pairings; it’s easy to munch mindlessly on this, as long as you have a respectable tolerance for sodium.


Stewed pork, marinated overnight for a deeper flavour; soul food that would partner perfectly with some steamed rice.


Crunchy pork rinds round out the menu for now; photos of stacked-up bowls seem obligatory to complete a visit here.


Chilled Dessert

Grab some ‘takoh’ before you go; the Thai chilled coconut cream jelly dessert is well-made here – refreshing & not too sweet.


The Klang Valley is now scarily saturated with boat noodle venues, but there is still space for a place like The Porki Society; its location seems wisely selected, the selection is suitable for a pork-packed meal, while the prices & portions feel sensible.



Location and Contact Details

The Porki Society

10 Jalan 21/19, Section 21, Sea Park, Petaling Jaya

Open daily, 11am-3pm, 6pm-10pm

Find: The Porki Society directory page here.

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