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For folks eager to experience culture through cuisine, PlateCulture is a welcome initiative, dishing out a dizzying diversity of meals prepared by hosts who let strangers into their homes and extend the warm hand of friendship by feeding them.

Diverse Cuisine

From Indian to Italian, Chinese to Mauritian, PlateCulture’s choices are copious (16 hosts and rising); we headed for the one most unfamiliar in KL, Lithuanian food cooked by Audra and Vita, two amiable ambassadors of their Baltic nation’s gastronomic heritage.PlateCulture_2

Lithuanian Cuisine by Audra and Vita

With Lithuanian pop music wafting in the background, start this stress-free evening with strikingly pink ‘saltibarsciai,’ a chilled Lithuanian summer soup, the relatively frigid cousin of borscht, thick with beets, buttermilk, potatoes and hard-boiled eggs.PlateCulture_3

‘Koldunai,’ the Eastern European interpretation of dumplings, a beef-filled cross between Chinese wonton and Italian ravioli, served with sour cream and onions.PlateCulture_4

‘Tinginys,’ or ‘lazy man cake,’ a no-bake, cookie-like dessert that’s beyond addictive. There’s condensed milk in this, there’s pure brilliance. PlateCulture_5

Lithuanian Vodka

If guests behave themselves, Audra and Vita might even bring out the Lithuanian vodka before capping the night with hot herbal tea. Folks can also bring their own booze at no extra charge.PlateCulture_6

How to Book

All things considered, Plate Culture’s perfect for foodies who want to socialize. Audra & Vita are the perfect hosts; Lithuanian dinners cost RM50 per person; PlateCulture’s website features the booking details.PlateCulture_7PlateCulture_8


Location Details:

Lithuanian meals are served in a Bangsar condominium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

To book your meal, go to PlateCultures website;, and select Kuala Lumpur.

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