Pita Power! Pita sandwiches have finally hit KL, courtesy of this cool cafe where recipes are crafted with care and creativity by people with a clear passion.

Bursting with Colourful Ingredients

Pouches bulging to bursting with the likes of smoked salmon, horseradish mayo, onions, capers and crisp leaves (RM17.50) are the highlight here. Pikapita_2

Freshly Baked Bread

Pikapita’s pocket bread is baked fresh on site, assuredly staying soft and fluffy while stuffed with fish fillets, chopped cucumber and egg tartar sauce (RM10.50).Pikapita_3

Four Varieties of Pita

Pitas come in four varieties, original, beetroot, chili and curry, any of which can be partnered with fillings like Indian keema-style chicken curry and fried eggplant (RM10.90).Pikapita_4

Japanese Flavours

The bulk of Pikapita’s sandwiches are Japanese-influenced, from beef hamburg with grilled zucchini, mushrooms and onion-soy dressing (RM16.50) …Pikapita_5

 … to deep-fried shrimp with pirikara mayo (RM11.50) … Pikapita_6

… to chicken karaage (RM12.50), each prepared to taste delicious and be nutritionally balanced. Pikapita_7

Vegetarian Option

Portions are perfect for lunch; even the vegetarian’s ATM special (avocado, tomatoes and mushrooms with French vinaigrette) is satisfyingly substantial.Pikapita_8


Folks with space for desserts can savor simple stuff like a pleasant-enough tiramisu.Pikapita_9

Breakfast Menu

Pita sandwiches are currently served 11am-5pm, Mon-Fri, and through 3pm Saturdays. Between 8am and 10am weekdays, the breakfast menu offers French toast, yogurt, omelets and ratatouille with half-boiled eggs. Pikapita_10Pikapita_11

Location Details:

Pikapita Deli Cafe,

Ground Floor, Fraser Place, Jalan Perak, Kuala Lumpur.

Find Pikapita Deli Cafe’s directory listing here.

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