Penang Nyonya Wok at Off Old Klang Road: Snapshot

Economy rice with some Penang Nyonya influences: You’ll find daily dishes galore for your chap fan fix (even after 2pm on a weekday), which may include everything from tau yew bak, cincalok pork, kapitan curry and loh bak to jiu hu char, taucheo chilli brinjals, sambal sotong and assam prawns for a satisfyingly tasty meal, with a complimentary soup, dessert and drink included in the reasonable price – our plate with a whole bunch of stuff thrown in was RM13. Basic Penang-inspired noodle bowls such as prawn mee (RM7; light and clean-tasting), loh mee and lam mee are also available.

Location & Details

Address: 112 Jalan Mega Mendung, Off Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur.
Hours: Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm.
Find: View directory for Penang Nyonya Wok here.

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  1. Jo Anne Khaw September 13, 2017 Subscriber

    Frances Yee, Khaw Chong Guan Khaw Chong Lam – for Pa’s dinner?

  2. Wei Lynn September 13, 2017 Subscriber

    Keet Lam WooWei Li Teoh

  3. Karmen Aw September 13, 2017 Subscriber

    Wee Tai San Ronnie Aw

  4. Cindy Yoong September 13, 2017 Subscriber

    Jonathan Teoh jom!!!

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    Abbey Ong

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    Simon Lau

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