The Nasi Lemak Guys at Damansara Kim: Cafe review

Nasi lemak for nightly cravings: From 7pm till midnight, The Nasi Lemak Guys offer tempting mounds of santan-scented rice with choices of three unconventional accompaniments – pork rendang that packs a savoury punch, luncheon meat tossed with salted egg yolk and curry leaves, and a whole fried chicken leg glazed in a rich, robust sauce.

A serving with ayam goreng starts at RM13.90, but customers can go the whole hog and have all three sides for RM26.50.

The two friends who run this friendly kopitiam pop-up have day jobs as a school cafeteria operator and a graphic designer, so their menu is limited to nasi lemak, washed down with That Effin Drink, a sweet blend of lychee juice and soda with asam boi, lemongrass and mint leaves (RM5.50).

Location & Details

Address: Ho Li Chow,  40 Jalan SS20/10, Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Hours: Open Tues-Sun, 7pm-12am.
Find: View directory for The Nasi Lemak Guys here.

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  1. Sathiya Kaliaperumal September 19, 2017 Subscriber

    Karthikeyan Maddy

  2. Cheryn Marie Joseph August 20, 2017 Subscriber

    Jeremy James

  3. Sharon Yong August 13, 2017 Subscriber

    Wong Joe Su-Yinn Yeoh

  4. Flo Gusti August 6, 2017 Subscriber

    OiLeng Yen, Cynthia Tang…let’s try.

    • OiLeng Yen August 6, 2017 Subscriber

      Sure! Next Sunday?

    • Cynthia Tang August 6, 2017 Subscriber

      I had breakfast in this area this morn. Didn’t notice this place

    • Cynthia Tang August 6, 2017 Subscriber

      Aiks it is the same place I had today. Haha

    • Flo Gusti August 6, 2017 Subscriber

      If we don’t like what we see, we go to the beef noodle place.

  5. Shalini Suppiah August 4, 2017 Subscriber

    Kavindra Suppiah

  6. Clancy Shu Ning August 4, 2017 Subscriber

    Monkticon Mike you might like this place

  7. Chrismine Chua August 4, 2017 Subscriber

    Sojourner Chua

  8. Wei Wen August 4, 2017 Subscriber

    ALi Cia

  9. Su-Lin Khoo August 4, 2017 Subscriber

    Jason JP Ngion Andrew Tan Yoon Wei Foong Yu Ming we have to try this to see whether it beats siu keong

  10. Navin Kanvinder August 4, 2017 Subscriber

    Malini Krishnan

  11. Wei Lynn August 4, 2017 Subscriber

    Keet Lam Woo Wei Li Teoh

  12. Anntelena Devassy August 4, 2017 Subscriber

    Mohan Ramakrishnan Sharrolynn Melissa D’cruz Sherona Estella D’Cruz Shereen Monique D’Cruz when y’all come back

  13. Cindy Yap-Thaver August 4, 2017 Subscriber

    Jason Thaver

  14. Jaclyn Ting August 4, 2017 Subscriber

    Regent Chua Theerannath Moorthey

  15. Yi May Khow August 4, 2017 Subscriber

    Jo Seen

  16. Adeline Ang Liuqing August 4, 2017 Subscriber

    Bh Ang Abby Ang

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