Mizuiro is a name to remember – this new Japanese-inspired cafe specialises not only in surprisingly wholesome ramen & meticulously made Maruyama coffee but also one of KL’s most delicious desserts.


Soothing Spaciousness and Serenity

Warm, woodsy hues, married to a soothingly meditative sense of spaciousness & serenity, form a pleasing backdrop for what’s still a hidden secret of a restaurant, tucked away in the far-flung neighbourhood of Bandar Menjalara; head here soon before the calm is inevitably shattered.


Wallet-Friendly Prices

Ramen is served at wallet-friendly rates, between RM12 & RM16 for each big bowl. The noodles are made with a mix of unbleached flour & rye for a more natural flavour, coupled with a bite that nicely straddles the line between soft & chewy. The soup is light, catering to patrons who prefer recipes that are less rich & savoury.


Garlic Tonkotsu

We ordered the Garlic Tonkotsu (RM15), which surfaced with two meaty slices of tender pork chashu, lots of veggies & half a hard-boiled egg. It’s a mild, mellow change from commercialised ramen – not so intense, but evocative of a home-made recipe.


Japanese Chicken Curry

Mizuiro’s Japanese chicken curry with rice (RM16) is also less punchy than the norm, but it’s still creamy comfort food.


Braised Pork Belly

The menu is wide enough to placate meat-seekers – ‘buta kakuni’ braised pork belly (RM14), ‘tori karaage’ fried chicken (RM16), ‘tonkatsu’ breaded pork cutlets (RM14) & ‘idako’ baby octopus (RM13).


Sweet Potato Fries

Vegetarians – small baskets of sweet potato fries (RM8, a moreish snack), agedashi tofu (RM7) & edamame (RM7).


The ‘Rose Blossom’

But our favourite find at Mizuiro is this: A beautiful treat that’s the closest thing in KL to the watermelon strawberry cake with rose-scented cream that’s become the signature dessert at Sydney’s Black Star Pastry patisserie.


Mizuiro’s interpretation is branded the ‘Rose Blossom’ (RM10), a flourless, dacquoise-like cake that features a thick layer of juicy-fresh watermelon with almond meringue & cream. It’s ravishing – & it reveals Mizuiro’s links. This is also one of the recently introduced specialities at Mont Kiara’s Watercolour bakery – plus, Mizuiro is the Japanese word for watercolour. Q.E.D.


Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut ice cream is also available (RM9), with pumpkin gelato promised eventually too.


Maruyama Coffee

Mizuiro is currently KL’s only outlet besides Exhibit Cafe in TTDI that permanently serves much-respected Maruyama coffee.


Hot and Ice Coffee

‘Slow coffee’ of deep & dark dimensions, showcasing pour-over & French press preparations, served at the end of the meal. Hot Coffee (RM14) is described on the menu as a dark roast with a chocolate-like texture, while the Ice Coffee (RM18) is a house blend with a floral aroma.



Location and Contact Details

Mizuiro Ramen + Coffee

49, Jalan 9/62A, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong. On the row of shop-houses that includes Sekmechoy.

Tel: 019 293 0149

Open Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-10pm

Find: Mizuiro Ramen + Coffee directory page here.

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