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Checking out two compelling new reasons to return to Pavilion this month: confectionery shop Minamoto Kitchoan and caffeine bar WA Cafe, both infused with inimitable Japanese influences.

1. Minamoto Kitchoan

First, Minamoto Kitchoan, which recently unveiled its maiden Malaysian branch, bolstering a cross-continental network that spans locations from Singapore to Shanghai to San Francisco, London to Tokyo to New York.MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_2


Minamoto specializes in “wagashi,” the traditional treats commonly consumed with tea. Beautifully packaged but bitingly priced; it’s startlingly simple to spend a whole lunchtime’s worth of money on more or less a mouthful here.MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_3


Minamoto’s mochi might rank as KL’s best, exceptional in taste and texture. Sweet but not cloying, with a commanding complexity of flavor, these rice cakes feel fresh & pleasurably pasty without excess stickiness.MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_4

Sakura mochi (RM10 per piece), its glutinous grains wrapped with a salted cherry leaf & topped with pickled cherry blossom. Delicate & nuanced.

MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_5

Also adore the kusa mochi (RM8), typically a springtime delicacy, colored with mugwort leaves and filled with red bean paste. Glutinous greatness.MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_6

Tsuyaguri, a whole, soft chestnut enveloped in mashed chestnut paste. Folks who feel like festive splurging can buy a nice 12-piece gift box of these for RM152.MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_7


Hoshigaki dried persimmon, reputedly a labor-intensive product to create by massaging the fruit over time, stuffed with white bean paste.MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_8


The azuki bean paste is lovely here, be it stuffed in the Oribenishiki baked buns …MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_9


… or sandwiched in dorayaki pancakes (Doraemon’s favorite!) …MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_10


… and koganeawase crispy-light wafers. This coming from someone who’s not a red-bean fan.MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_11

Cakes and Cookies

These “leaf pies” could prove an irresistibly buttery-sugary addiction.MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_12

Not everything here’s a hit though: We’d skip the surprisingly bland kasutera sponge cake (RM48) and fukuwatashisenbei vanilla cream cookie …MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_13


… and the OK-but-unmemorable shimizuhakuto peach jelly (RM42).MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_14


Location Details:

Minamoto Kitchoan
P2-12-00, Level 2, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

2. WA Cafe

Before leaving Pavilion, take the escalators four floors up to WA Cafe, where a Japanese barista  has started serving this shopping mall’s most satisfying coffee.MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_15


Colombian Arabica beans form the foundation for WA’s lovable iced latte (RM11). MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_16

Also admirable: Hot matcha latte (RM10), potently aromatic with top-flight green tea … MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_17

… and a deeply enjoyable roasted almond hot chocolate (RM11), both not-coffee beverages that make WA Cafe more than a coffee bar, come to think of it.MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_18

Note: WA Cafe is in a soft-opening stage; its barista advises customers to come next week, when the cafe’s own-made ice cream and a wider selection of beverages will become available.MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_19MinamotoKitchoan WACafe_20


Location Details:

Center Court, Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

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