Milkissimo Hokkaido Gelato at Da:Men USJ Subang: Restaurant Review

Hokkaido’s Milkissimo opens its first outpost in the Klang Valley this month, offering gelato that fuses Japanese ingredients & flavours with Italian ice cream production values.

Expect a unique assemblage of chilled treats, made with milk from Hokkaido’s city of Hakodate, in varieties that span not only the classics like green tea & black sesame, but also everything from corn, melon, pumpkin, purple sweet potato & white peach to edamame, cherry blossom & hascup honeysuckle berries.

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Milk is the mildest flavour, while cherry blossom & white peach provide for pleasantly subtle, not-too-sweet nuances. Corn, pumpkin & purple potatoes allow natural, produce-driven flavours to shine. Strawberry & hascup both supply refreshingly tangy-sugary results. If you’re adventurous, edamame is an acquired taste – the earthiness of the beans may not be the most accessible fit for ice cream. Textures do vary – most prove light & relatively airy, some are notably soft & smooth; others, such as edamame, seem to have their namesake flavour ingredients blended in with the gelato.

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A single-flavour, 85-gram cup costs RM11.90, a double at 115 grams is RM14.90, & a 145-gram triple is RM17.90, with a RM1 surcharge for some premium flavours. This is Milkissimo’s pioneering branch in KL/Selangor; it has over a dozen outposts in Japan, Singapore & Penang.

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Location & Deatails

Milkissimo Malaysia

GF-31, Ground Floor, Da:Men Shopping Mall, Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ 1, Subang, Selangor.

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