A nice addition to Damansara Perdana, led by a team that’s passionate enough to potentially make Mikan this neighborhood’s best Japanese restaurant.

The Freshest Sashimi

Freshness is vouched for here, with seafood supplies replenished multiple times each week. Mikan’s sashimi spotlight shines on Norwegian salmon trout, blessed with a palate-pampering succulence. RM26++ for regular slices, RM32++ for the belly.


Elevated Tomatoes

Momotaro tomatoes would normally be worthwhile even on their own, but at Mikan, they’re essential, elevated in a herb-graced salad that’s simultaneously delicate and flavorsome (RM10++), thanks to the magic of pickled garlic and a wasabi dressing.Mikan_3

“Onsen” Egg

For fans of “onsen” egg: A runny yolk, the result of “telur kampung” heated at hot-spring temperatures, is the center of attention in this big bowl of crisp croutons and crunchy veggies (RM25++). Mikan_4


Skewer-grilled prawns (RM7.60++ per stick), juicy enough to make us wish we had a dozen.Mikan_5


Hokkaido scallops blanketed with cod roe mayo (RM42++ for four), decadently creamy.Mikan_6

The Dragon Roll

Mikan’s Dragon Roll (RM28++) is a true prawn star, with a tempura tiger prawn head temptingly thrust on top, over an explosion of shrimp sauce and crustacean flesh.Mikan_7

Saving the Best for Last?

Six-hour-braised Sakura pork (RM28++) infused with soy-based sauce, its tenderness complemented by the surprise crackle of of pork lard sprinklings.  Mikan_8

Many thanks to Casey and his team at Mikan for inviting us here and hosting this lunchtime treat. Mikan_9Mikan_10

Location and Contact Details:

Mikan Japanese Cuisine,

LG 03, Plaza Emerald North, PJU 8/3A, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 03-7713-5288

Open for lunch and dinner, Monday through Friday, and for dinner Saturday.

Find Mikan’s directory listing here.

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