Mellow Yellow has the potential to become a food truck worth chasing – it wields a terrific hook, promising something a bit different from the Klang Valley’s other food trucks: Stews from around the world.

1. Mellow Yellow

Two choices each week

When we visited, founder Alex and chef Leon were dishing out hot servings of Moroccan-style harira (with pulled chicken, chickpeas and lentils) and Russian-inspired stroganoff (with sauteed beef, peas, mushrooms and sour cream).

2. Mellow Yellow

3. Mellow Yellow

On other weeks, you might find, say, seafood gumbo or arroz con pollo. Each portion, served with rice, costs a very fair RM10. The food conveys solid, satisfying flavours, perfect for a pick-me-up lunch.

4. Mellow Yellow

5. Mellow Yellow

Only 40 servings per session

Alex, who started Mellow Yellow after tiring of an office-bound routine, and Leon prepare about 40 servings per session, with a Tuesday slot in Section 13 and Thursday at Bandar Utama, near 1 Utama. Look for the truck (decked out in can’t-miss yellow, of course) and for Alex in his similarly coloured T-shirt and bandanna.

6. Mellow Yellow

7. Mellow Yellow

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