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Snacking on sushi

Makiya Sushi serves sushi topped with both unagi and omelet (RM3.50+) … Makiya Sushi_2

… or simply with roe-loaded shishamo (RM3.20+ per piece). Makiya Sushi_3

(Imitation) crab leg wrapped with salmon sashimi (RM12+)? Count us in. Makiya Sushi_4

Avocado sushi (RM1.50+), lovely-looking but could be riper for success. Makiya Sushi_5

Soft-shell crab inari sushi (RM3+). Works well, most of these combinations. Makiya Sushi_6

Possibly the cheapest sea urchin sushi in town, only RM6+ per uni-loaded piece (!). Unfortunately though, in this case, customers receive what they pay for. Slightly too stinky. Makiya Sushi_7

All in all, acceptable for a budget-conscious outing; we hope Makiya’s strategy succeeds. Makiya Sushi_8Makiya Sushi_9

Location Details:

Makiya Sushi,

H-3A-G, Setiawalk, Puchong.

Open lunch and dinner. Facing the main road of Jalan Puchong.

Find Makiya Sushi’s directory listing here.

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