Returning to Makishima for fish & fungi (tastes better than it sounds), crustaceans & chawanmushi, okonomiyaki & more.
Earlier entry on Makishima: June 1, 2014.


Delicate and Luscious Sashimi

Makishima’s sashimi hits the mark for both variety & freshness, offering delicate lusciousness at every swing of the chopsticks.


A Medley of Mushrooms

A medley of mushrooms, juicy & earthy, one of the more memorable components of Makishima’s RM130 five-course set menus.


Assorted Nigiri Sushi

Five pieces of assorted nigiri sushi surfaced at our table; they looked so tempting, we ended up eating four before we realised we hadn’t snapped a shot of them. Oops.


Lobster Steak

Makishima lists this as lobster steak on its menu (add a RM60 premium on top of the set price), but that plain description scarcely does justice to this mouthwatering marvel, ravishingly presented.


Japanese Savoury Pancakes

We’re not the most avid admirers of Japanese savoury pancakes, but Makishima’s rendition is serviceable; better than most & not too stodgy or starchy, but probably not the marquee attraction here.


Chwanmushi, Miso Soup and Ice Cream

The remaining courses turn out to be a study in the simple satisfaction supplied by Japanese standards, from chawanmushi …


… to tofu-filled classic miso soup, expertly executed to evoke umami notes instead of sheer saltiness …


… rounded out by the familiar sight of green tea & black sesame ice cream with azuki bean paste.


Macabeo White Wine

Macabeo white wine provides evidence that Spanish creations can coexist harmoniously with Japanese ones.


Merlot-Tempranillo, Shochu, Asahi and Sapporo

Merlot-Tempranillo & shochu are available by the glass, as are Asahi & Sapporo beer by the bottle.


Location and Contact Details


Makishima Japanese Restaurant

Level 2, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Sultan Ismail

Tel: 03 2725 8084

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