It’s always cause for celebration when a decent new destination for Italian fare unfurls – Luretta is a place for hams, cheese, pastas, wine and more, with produce brought in from Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany & elsewhere across Italy to ensure authenticity. This deli-restaurant is tucked inside Isetan’s department store in 1 Utama, but it’s reputedly run independently by the Sassolini brothers from Cesena; they weren’t around when we visited, but their affable team keeps things humming along at a brisk clip.

1. Luretta DOP Italian Deli 15. Luretta DOP Italian Deli

Cold cuts and folded pizza

Luretta’s platter of mixed cold cuts (RM39) works for sharing, but for a more distinctive order, try one of the sandwiches or folded pizzas, made with Italian piadina flatbread & interesting fillings. Our sandwich showcased a successful combo of Parma ham, rocket leaves and traditional Squacquerone, a soft, full-fat cow’s milk cheese (RM27). The folded pizza (crescioni) came stuffed with a rustic mix comprising bits of savoury pork sausage, lots of creamy mashed potatoes and slivers of onions (RM25).

2. Luretta DOP Italian Deli - cold cuts platter 3. Luretta DOP Italian Deli - folded pizza 4. Luretta DOP Italian Deli - folded pizza

Italian comfort food

For hot, hearty Italian comfort food, spaghetti heaped with tender Italian sausage meat and green peas in cream sauce (RM26) is enjoyable, though its heaviness makes it best suited for two customers. Our favourite here is probably the porchetta (RM35) – fatty, moist & robustly seasoned, this boneless pork roast should prove irresistible to the final glorious, guilty-indulgence bite.

5. Luretta DOP Italian Deli - spaghetti with Italian sausage and green peas 6. Luretta DOP Italian Deli - Porchetta


Complement your meal with Tuscan craft beer, aromatic & smooth, or Emilia-Romagna organic wine, with a surprising number of varieties available by both glass and bottle (averaging out at RM30/RM160).

7. Luretta DOP Italian Deli - Tuscan craft beer 8. Luretta DOP Italian Deli - Organic wine

Italian products

And if you’re inclined to shop, Luretta’s shelves are stocked with everything from baby artichokes & giant green olives to red pesto sauce, gluten-free pasta to organic coffee.

9. Luretta DOP Italian Deli 10. Luretta DOP Italian Deli 11. Luretta DOP Italian Deli 12. Luretta DOP Italian Deli 13. Luretta DOP Italian Deli 14. Luretta DOP Italian Deli

Location & Details

Luretta D.O.P. Italian Deli

Isetan Eat Paradise, Second Floor, 1 Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 017-293-0521

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