‘Authentic Malaysian Chinese cuisine close to our hearts’ is the tantalising tagline for the Lammeeya family of restaurants, which specialises in cherished favourites of both time-honoured home cooking & traditional street eats.

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Lam Mee

Highlights here include the beloved ‘lam mee,’ with comfort-food noodles (choices include thick, thin, mee hoon or kuey teow) submerged in savoury gravy with a selection of toppings such as prawns, meat balls, char siew chicken or mushrooms, plus a tasty side serving of sambal. A bowl currently costs up to RM13.80.

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Chee Cheong Fun

Slippery-smooth ‘chee cheong fun’ is available in multiple varieties too. We like the one with mushrooms & minced meat (other options here include curry, pickled chillies with sweet sauce, or soya sauce with oil); enjoyably effortless to slurp up.

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Char Kuey Teow

Duck egg char kuey teow (RM11.80). Well-prepared enough to please, flavourful without being bogged by grease.

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Newer entries to Lammeeya’s menu include kampung chicken; a slick, succulent serving that two can share costs RM23.90.

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Pork’s a pleasure here; Lammeeya’s fans swear by the stewed pork with potatoes (RM9.80) & pork leg with vinegar (RM18.80).

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Some seafood is served too; the top temptation’s probably this tangy assam combo of squid & prawns (RM16.80).

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Side Dishes

Ginger-&-wine omelette’s another recommendation, nicely fragrant (RM9.80), while for veggies, the steamed brinjals with sweet-&-sour sauce, soft but not mushy, (RM8.80) feels like the crowd-pleasing recipe.

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Lammeeya also takes plenty of pride in its wholesome, nourishing soups, with familiar renditions such as ginseng chicken, radish, lotus, watercress or cucumber.

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Rice rounds up this pleasant spread; the lard steamed version is likeable (RM3), while the barbecued preparation comes hot & hearty with Chinese sausage slices, liver sausage, char siew chicken, char siew & choy sum.

10 Lammeeya

Many thanks to the friendly team at Lammeeya for hosting this meal.

Location and Contact Details

Lammeeya‘s casual, convenient & cheerfully comfortable locations are at:

1. Damansara Uptown: 45G, Jalan SS21/37. Tel: 03-77269513

2. Empire Shopping Gallery: LG31. Tel: 03-50222050

3. 1 Utama: LG 333A, New Wing. Tel: 03-77274877

4. Paradigm Shopping Mall: 2F31. Tel: 03-78868753

View Lammeeya’s directory page here.

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11 Lammeeya

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