Kohi Yatta at Sungai Besi: Restaurant review

This spacious cafe of convenience welcomes patrons who want somewhere to wait comfortably while their cars are serviced at the Mazda centre next door or parents craving a peaceful cup of coffee while their children frolic in a cheerful play area inside.

1. Kohi Yatta-min

2. Kohi Yatta-min

4. Kohi Yatta-min


But the rest of us might be baited by the menu, which showcases some interesting Japanese influences: Dashi udon with fresh tomatoes, kombu stock, bonito flakes and an egg makes for a bowl of undeniable goodness (RM18), while the barley risotto with salmon and mushrooms underlines the kitchen’s wholesome streak (RM18).

8. Kohi Yatta-min

9. Kohi Yatta-min

And while we’ve probably had enough of poke bowls in KL by now (RM18 here, with salmon sashimi, crunchy Japanese cucumbers, pickled daikon and a runny egg), we wouldn’t mind more mouthfuls of Kohi Yatta’s tempura onigiri, with each compact rice ball served crisp and warm (RM13 for eight pieces).

10. Kohi Yatta-min

11.Kohi Yatta-min

Desserts and Drinks

Save space for sweets: Our favourite order here is the Grand Empress dessert, a textured, tasty temptation of oat pancakes with lemon poppy seed curd, lychees and vanilla ice cream (RM17).

12. Kohi Yatta-min

Beverage ingredients are sourced with a bit of extra thought: Green tea from Niko Neko Matcha, coffee from The Roast Things and hot chocolate made with Indonesia’s Korte Chocolate, alongside Kohi Yatta’s own-brewed lemongrass ginger tea with osmanthus and candied ginger, and green apple juice with kyuri.

13. Kohi Yatta-min

14. Kohi Yatta-min

15. Kohi Yatta-min

16. Kohi Yatta-min

18. Kohi Yatta-min

21. Kohi Yatta-min

24. Kohi Yatta-min

Location & Details

Address: Jalan Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur. Beside Mazda showroom and service centre.
Hours: Daily, 8.30 am-6.30 pm.
Find: View directory for Kohi Yatta here.

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  1. Alfred Loh June 28, 2017 Subscriber

    M-Jian Ts’ng car service

  2. Alfred Loh June 28, 2017 Subscriber

    Fish WanaBe look at the Reno & furniture

  3. Vincent Choong June 28, 2017 Subscriber

    Even Lee: pls help to send the car in for service next.

  4. Evonne Lau June 28, 2017 Subscriber

    I saw that day. But I tot was for those service car eat there only

    • EatDrink June 30, 2017 Subscriber

      Anyone can eat there, whether you have a Mazda or not!

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    Yup he pay me cover chgr 1

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    Travis Dë Ephesius your placd

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    Evonne Lau Jennifer Liew Near your office.

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